Marking territory and stretching your body are just some of the reasons why cats scratch. In the following lines, we will learn more about the reasons why cats tear objects and what we should do in this situation.

Everyone who has a cat as a pet in the home must have wondered why they scratch the objects. And, in addition to having certain special considerations in their upbringing, they also have a fixation for tearing some type of furniture and we don’t know why.

Usually, we tend to think that cats scratch because they show us their anger or their level of conceit; Nothing further from reality.

Scratching is a natural behavior in cats and there are different reasons why they do it.

The reasons why cats scratch

One of the most common reasons why cats scratch objects is to mark their territory, either with visual marks or pheromones that tend to release from the pads of their paws and that are detectable by other animals.

Cats also scratch the objects because it helps them remove the dead outer layers of their claws, a kind of dog exfoliation.

Also, this action helps them to stretch their body, in addition to their joints and their claws, an exercise of natural relaxation in the felines.

But scratching also releases them from stress at times when they feel a lot of tension, frustration or anxiety.

¿What should I do if my cat scratches the objects a lot at home?

Punishments are not the best way to correct the cat’s behavior when scratching, as it could intensify the frustration he feels, aggravating the problem.

According to specialists, we can perform certain actions to modify their behavior. One of them is to identify which are those places chosen to scratch and place in them certain commercial products that help them scratch, such as small carpets or poles.

There are some special products on the market that can help us solve this problem. Odor neutralizers or repellents are very useful to keep the cat away from the areas where it usually scratches.

Another valuable advice is to place in the typical area of ​​scratching some objects that are unpleasant to the animal, such as aluminum foil or perfumed cotton, in order to naturally repel the pet.

Finally, once the environment is conditioned with the objects we want to scratch, it will be ideal to help you understand that it is a good place to scratch and encourage the habit of doing so in that area.

Correct the cat’s behavior and make it scratch in the place specially conditioned for it, it can be a slow and tedious process. You need to be patient to modify your behavior; Little by little, we will achieve the goal of making it scratch in a certain area.