In addition to care and pampering, cats need some recreational products for their leisure time. And these animals are not only very independent, but they are also lovers of games and fun at all times. Therefore, in the following lines, we will know what are the ideal toys for cats.

Boxes of all kinds

Cats love the boxes because it generates a space to hide and play repeatedly throughout the day. Therefore, condition a special area with boxes of different sizes so you can use them as a hiding place, you will notice that it will become your favorite space.

Make sure the boxes are of adequate size so that they can enter and exit without problems; in very small boxes they can get stuck.


Colorful balls are the perfect toys for the most active cats. Felines love balls and usually roll them and give boats for much of the day. You should take care that they have been manufactured with toxic-free materials and that they are large enough that they cannot fit in your snout.

Keep in mind that skeins or balls of wool are not recommended as they can be dangerous for the cat.

Reeds with feathers

This device simulates a small fishing rod that has a pen on its tip. It is used by the owners to interact with the pet by having the animal try to catch the pen while its master moves it from one place to another. Cats love reeds with feathers and do not get tired of chasing the feather everywhere.

With this toy, the cat will have fun and can keep his excess energy under control.

Plush mice

Cats are hunters by nature, which is why stuffed mice are toys that are much desired by these pets. These products are available in different sizes and colors and can be purchased at any pet store at a very low price.

Stuffed mice are the ideal toy for cats as they improve their physical condition and stimulate their desire to play.

Cat candy dispensers

A very good way to reward cats is by using feline candy dispensers, ideal for rewarding them for their good behavior. Some of these dispensers come in the shape of an egg, mouse, stuffed animal, cone or ball and are toys for cats that release cookies as the animal moves them.

The dispensers are made of sturdy plastic that is not harmful to your teeth, in addition, they can be filled with feed.

These are just some of the most recommended toys for cats. Remember that the ideal is to exchange your toys from time to time, in order to keep your interest awake to play with them.

In addition, it is convenient to play with them with some frequency, motivate them to chase objects and monitor them while they play, in order to avoid any incident that may arise.