Developed in the US from the 1980s, the toyger cat breed is relatively new, having just over 30 registered breeders worldwide. This breed of cat is born out of an interest in developing short-haired domestic tabby felines, in order to resemble a tiger cub.

In the visual aspect, it has many characteristics typical of a small tiger, but it is docile and domestic, with a calm temperament, ideal for its care at home. Also, this exotic breed of cat gets along very well with other pets and household members.

Next, we show you some characteristics and curiosities of this little homemade tiger.

A novel breed of cats

Toygers cats are a breed of domestic cats, bred and developed to resemble a small tiger, but with the docility of the home cat. They are considered a loyal and friendly feline breed, much required in homes, although somewhat difficult to achieve because of the small number of existing hatcheries, especially in Europe.

Its creator, Judy Sugden, stated that her interest in developing this new breed, with a muscular, elongated body and stripes similar to those of a tiger, was inspired by the need to convey to people its concern for the care and preservation of tigers in their natural habitat.

Cousins of Bengal cats, toygers were recognized by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy – GCCF in June 2016 and are currently a breed recognized and accepted by The International Cat Association – TICA and international clubs.

Physical characteristics of the Toyger cat

The elegant bearing is characteristic in this breed of cats. They are medium in size and their body is athletic and light. The physique of females is distinguished from that of males by their smaller complexion and the slightly more oval shape of the head.

The head is medium in size and has a deep, long, well-defined cylindrical snout. Its ears are round and small; his eyes, small and deep colored. The nose is long, wide and round in shape. The specimens have a long and fine tail, with a blunt tip.

This breed, in addition, sports typical circular markings on the head; its coat is short, smooth and shiny, reddish in color with branched vertical stripes, typical of wild tigers. These stripes are usually brown in color, although they may be black or tan. Their tall shoulders and athletic build give them a lean, stocky appearance.

Personality of this breed of cats

Calm temperaments, toyger cats are ideal for home breeding. They are very playful and friendly, and adapt very well to the presence of people and other pets in the home.

Its personality makes it very suitable for large families, especially those where there is always a member at home. And it is that these cats do not like at all to be alone at home, being a breed that forms strong ties with family members and with other pets at home.

Despite being a breed of outgoing and social cats, they tend to get used to the routine, so they are sullen when they must change their habits for no apparent reason. Toyger cats like outdoor play a lot, especially if the activities are done in the water.

Thanks to their intelligence, they are able to learn very quickly and it is convenient to keep them occupied with toys that stimulate their mental ability. That way, they will stay distracted enough and constantly active.

One thing to note: It is usual to see toyger cats prowl the upper parts of the house, spending hours watching what happens from top to bottom.

Care and curiosities of toyger

In general, the toyger cat is in good health, although he may be genetically predisposed to cats’ own diseases. However, some clinical signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that may be characteristic of their breed were identified in some specimens.

In addition, cats tend to suffer from the presence of mites in the ears and toygers are not the exception, so it is advisable to perform a cleaning on their ears with a certain frequency. In this way, we can avoid any ear infection.

These pets are very easy to breed since their care does not represent major complications. Just brush your short coat once a week to keep it in good condition and free of specks.

It should be borne in mind that, like all cats, they tend to shed their hair in both spring and autumn, so it is advisable to brush them more frequently during those months. After brushing, it is possible to keep their coat shiny with the help of a soft, dry cloth.

Because toyger cats are a rare species, it is a good idea to periodically take them to a veterinary visit in order to keep a detailed record of their health, in order to keep them healthy.

Finally, those who own a toyger at home realize that, in reference to their character, they are pets very similar to dogs, since they are expressive, dynamic and very playful.

Perfect pets for home

In Europe, the breed of American toyger cats are gradually earning a place in family homes, thanks to their great resemblance to tigers and their docile and loving temperament.

Smart, very attentive and good-natured, these exotic breed cats get along very well with other pets and most especially with children, so they can be a great company at home.