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Pets, due to inbreeding, are more likely to develop cancer than people. In addition, the extension in life expectancy of our pets and people’s consciousness and sensitivity for cancer in humans, makes oncology care increasingly demanded.

Early diagnosis can lead to much better outcomes and in specific cases cancer can be cures with appropriate surgical planning. However, sometimes due to the disease nature or distant spread, surgery is not indicated at all or just as a palliative measure. In these cases systemic classic chemotherapy or target therapies like the new tyrosine kinase inhibitors can offer a mid-long control the disease while maintaining excellent quality of life for the animal.

Hospital Veterinari Glories offers humanitarian oncology care for pets with cancer supervised by Dr. Ignacio Rodríguez Pizà. Ignacio is currently finishing his residency training in oncology at the royal Veterinary College of London, recently recognised as one of the three best veterinary schools in the world.

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