The Saluki or Persian greyhound is considered a very special breed by those who have had it. Its combination of personality, energy and physical appearance make this dog a unique and special specimen.

The first Persian greyhound was found in 1000 BC, originating in Egypt, and over the years it was used for hunting or as a sheepdog. Its graceful appearance, grace, and speed made the Saluki a triumph as a racing dog.

Saluki’s physical appearance

This dog is tall, sleek, and graceful in his movements. It has a long, silky coat of hair, which, covering its entire body, allows it to isolate itself in the coldest and most inhospitable climates. Commonly we can find sand-colored specimens, or with a darker coat of hair, however, there are many different colors.

Their heads are refined, long and very expressive and their two long and soft ears hang on both sides.

Although its appearance is refined and elegant, it is a dog with a strong neck, prominent bones and sturdy, straight legs.

Character of the Saluki or Persian greyhound

The greyhound is considered a dog of a fairly independent character. This breed, however, is still loyal, sweet and loving to its owner. It is a brave and energetic dog that must be properly socialized from its youth so that its qualities can be enhanced.

This breed is known for being calm and friendly, somewhat suspicious of strangers, although not aggressive or hostile. They are sensitive to their environment and have a great facility to interpret non-verbal language.

Behavior of the Saluki or Persian greyhound

We recommend educating children on how to treat a dog before letting them play with this wonderful specimen. If a child pulls his hair, this dog can easily become nervous and overwhelmed. We must understand that, like any dog, the Persian greyhound must be respected and treated with the affection it deserves.

This breed is usually positive and personable with other dogs. It is essential that you train your dog to interact with other people and dogs when he is young, so that when he reaches adulthood, he is a sociable dog.

The importance of positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement, socialization in the education of this dog is very important. The Saluki must be educated in a friendly, consistent and calm manner.

He has a great memory capacity and also has a lot of instinct. This dog will react correctly to what we ask of him if we are consistent and fair with his education.

Caring for a Saluki dog

The Saluki is a dog that was once a shepherd in its past, ran through the mountains and guided the sheep. For this reason, we can understand that this breed needs a lot of physical exercise, that if it is not fulfilled it can lead to a shy and nervous behavior.

You should take your Saluki dog for long walks every day. This breed also makes an excellent jogging companion. Not meeting their basic needs can cause widespread stress on the animal. This stress can lead to behavior problems, in turn, affecting your relationship with other dogs or other people. The Saluki or Persian greyhound breed loves to swim on the beach or river and run freely in the mountains.

The maintenance of the Persian Greyhound is demanding, constant and must be done with care. You need regular brushing (at least 3 times a week) and a monthly bath. It can adapt well to life inside a house as it will prevent dirt or tangles from appearing in its coat and it is also a home breed.

The health of a Persian greyhound

In general, it is a healthy dog ​​as long as its owner follows basic sanitary guidelines such as vaccination, deworming, etc. Still, like any medium / large-sized dog, the Saluki Greyhound can suffer from diseases such as elbow or hip dysplasia. You can try to prevent these problems by not exercising your dog too much, avoiding weight gain, and providing a comfortable resting area.

It is also important that this breed is sensitive to certain chemicals or drugs (cortisone, tranquilizers, and anesthesia).

Do you have a Saluki at home? If you would like to bring him to our office so that we can review and take care of all aspects of his health, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you as soon as possible.