We continue in summer and the number of dogs abandoned by owners who do not know what to do with their pets on vacation increases considerably, unfortunately, every year. Spain, without going any further, is one of the countries that head the European lists on pet abandonment year after year.

Many of these dogs will hopefully be found and taken to shelters, shelters and kennels, and others will unfortunately have a much more tragic end. Some of these dogs have also been abused and exploited. Everyone deserves a decent life and to be in a home where they are valued, cared for, and loved. Therefore, from our blog we want to give you some reasons to encourage you to adopt dogs instead of buying them.

Why adopt a dog?

Having a dog is important. Before taking such a step you will have to consider a number of questions. We know you have plenty of love to give, but do you have the time? Do you have the space? You are patient? And resources? If you have answered yes to all the previous questions, keep reading because we are going to give you a few more reasons that you should take into account when making a decision like this.

Your life will get better

Many of the dogs that come to the animal shelters have suffered some kind of mistreatment or come from spending days on the street abandoned, with all that this implies (hunger, fear, cold or heat), due to owners without sense of the responsibility they believe that abandoning an animal is a legitimate option.

You’re gonna give it a home

These dogs have mostly had the misfortune of being abandoned by their family. They deserve a second chance in a home where they are loved and cared for as they deserve. Other dogs that come to the kennels or shelters have not even lived in a home with a family, and unfortunately the only thing they know about the man is abuse.

You will save his life

Many people do not take sterilization measures and by the time their female dogs have puppies they decide that they cannot take care of them. Many of them end up abandoned, wandering the streets and highways where they face traffic accidents.

If you adopt instead of buy, you do not contribute to the abuse

When you buy a puppy without any type of control, you may be contributing to the exploitation without knowing it, since there are dogs that are forced and poorly cared for to obtain purebred puppies and then monetize the same offspring.

Mixed-breed dogs are still dogs

That it is not of breed, or everything “stylized” that one wants a dog to be, does not mean that it will not give you love or it will not be the most faithful to you or your best friend. Many dogs are neglected because of their appearance, which is completely superficial and cruel on the part of humans.

Adult dogs also offer experiences to owners

There is a false belief that getting a puppy dog ​​is better to educate him. But the truth is that it is not true, you can continue teaching your dog things no matter how old he is. In addition, there are contexts and occasions in which an adult dog will always be the best option, since in general they are already educated in many useful behaviors on a day-to-day basis: for example, it can be the perfect companion for an older person, it is they will keep company and the dog as an adult will enjoy greater serenity.

Disability is also a reason to adopt

Due to serious mistreatment, many dogs are in the shelters maintaining some type of injury or physical sequela (apart from the emotional one). They are the ones who precisely need the most love and you can be their best friend and their maximum support. Dogs with disabilities or emotional sequelae also deserve love and a family in which to feel cared for, like everyone else.

If you can’t adopt, become a volunteer

Some of you will not be able to have a dog, for whatever reasons, and it is understandable and mature to recognize it. But if you want to contribute your grain of sand, you can help them by volunteering at a shelter, kennel or shelter of your choice. There are many dogs that do not get out of these places because nobody adopts them, but you can go take care of them, play with them and give them all your love.
You will grow as a person
There are many dogs with emotional and physical consequences in shelters, by adopting them you can change their life and make them believe in people again, filling them with love, respect and care. Adopting a dog will teach you what it is like to have a faithful friend who will always be by your side.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, becoming a volunteer in a shelter or offering to host them, do not hesitate to contact them as they need your help.