Having a puppy at home can be a great experience for all household members. Sharing and raising your own puppy from birth is an adventure for the whole family; In fact, experts recommend that people have a dog at least once in their life.

But, like any adventure, it has its risks. And is that puppies, like babies, can be difficult to raise and often require constant care.

One of the situations that must be dealt with is his eagerness to bite and destroy everything around him; Puppies like to break clothes, shoes, paper and even furniture, while they are in their growth stage.

This can represent a risk for the family and even for the animal itself, so it is a behavior that must be eradicated. For this, we are going to give you some very valuable guidelines.

¿Why do puppies destroy everything?

The desire to bite, tear or destroy the puppies, is usually related to the exit of the teeth. This behavior usually occurs between three and six months of age, when the puppy’s permanent teeth are developing and the gums usually become inflamed.

Gum discomfort leads them to look for objects to bite and relieve itching or pain.

However, depending on race, this behavior may be more prevalent. Puppies of breeds such as golden retriever, poodle, labrador or cocker spaniel, tend to be very playful, so the behavior of biting and destroying is more frequent.

Risks of disastrous puppies

Although we know that our puppy can cause damage, it does not mean that it is something we should allow. The fact that the puppy walks by biting different things and chewing different materials, can pose a risk to his health.

Remember that you do not do it because of hunger or the desire to consume the product but, rather, to scratch your gums or play. However, in the attempt you can end up consuming some piece of the material.

Any object inside your body can choke, pierce or even intoxicate the small animal, so it is necessary to educate the dog so that, since childhood, he loses the habit of biting everything.

Tips to teach the puppy not to destroy

The best way to keep the puppy away from your shoes, furniture or even the remote control, is to buy toys suitable for their age. The best are those that make noises, as they find it more entertaining.

There is nothing that relaxes a puppy more than a bone. There is a wide variety of synthetic bones on the market that are safe for the gums, allow them to scratch and are not dangerous.

You can also opt for a natural bone, but it should not be in any case a chicken because they are splintered and are a risk to your health.

Your puppy can understand when what he is doing is not well received. Thus, it is best to be attentive to their behavior and be firm when the puppy is doing something inappropriate.

A clear and resounding NO at the appropriate time is an excellent way to extinguish behavior.

As we have said, quite apart from the gum problem, the dog also seeks to bite as a way to have fun. Therefore, it is essential to take the puppy for a walk at least twice a day.

Take it to open spaces, although safe, that allow you to run and relax enough to burn energy.

If after the toys, walks and scolding the puppy continues to destroy, it is necessary to consider other causes. Canine anxiety is a disorder of the behavior of dogs that, if left unattended, can affect the development of the puppy.

Talk to your veterinarian and study the different causes that may be influencing.