With the arrival of the winter months, humans are not the only ones affected by the cold, animals also suffer from low temperatures, humidity or rainfall. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain measures, in order to protect the health of our pets at this time of year.

In this article we will share some tips aimed at taking maximum care of pets in the winter months.

Feeding in the cold season

Low temperatures can affect the health of pets. Therefore, it is important to make adjustments to the diet to help them withstand the changes.

It is necessary to take care that your diet is balanced; There are some commercial brands with extra nutritional supplements, special to keep them healthy in cold times.

A key aspect that we should not neglect is fluid intake. The arrival of the cold should not be a reason to restrict the water to our pet, since it will need to stay hydrated.

If the animal spends most of the time outdoors, food with a good caloric load will provide the energy needed to withstand the temperature drop.

The grooming of the dogs

Although dogs can expel an intense aroma due to the humidity of the environment, it is not necessary to exaggerate with the bathroom. The humidity of the weather can make us think that our pet needs more frequent baths, but this is a mistake.

Depending on the type of breed and the characteristics of skin and fur, there is an ideal time to bathe the dog and in winter these times must be respected even more. Only then, the dog will be able to emanate its own natural oils that will allow it to keep it moist, protected from cold and broken skins.

Maintain rides frequency

The routine of getting the pet to run, play and do their needs should be maintained, unless the weather conditions are extreme. It is necessary to look for a time of day when the weather is as favorable as possible, with the morning being the most recommended time to do it.

In case the temperature is very low, it is advisable to place a little petroleum jelly on the surface of the dog’s nose; if necessary, coat it with a suit.

Also, it may be convenient to use ponchos, raincoats or umbrellas for the dog’s walk. During the winter months, it is possible to get on the market a wide variety of these accessories, special for the weather.

Brush the coat frequently

The arrival of cold can cause hair loss, appearance of dandruff, dryness and even skin wounds. That is why it is recommended to brush the animal frequently. Some veterinarians recommend the use of ointments to facilitate the process.

Pets, especially dogs and cats, will want to spend more time indoors so it is convenient to provide toys that can be distracted.

Finally, remember that, in case of any animal health problem, you should consult with the veterinarian, who will recommend the actions to be taken.