There are for almost everything we can imagine, and pets could not remain outside their reach, we refer to the apps, technological tools essential for our daily lives and that can also help to care for our pets.

Today, there are many applications on the market that are ideal for, for example, learning about pet care, training, managing your diet or following up on your veterinary controls; For that reason, we are going to present some of the best ones, so you can download them to your Smartphone and tell us about your experience.

Dogo – Your dog’s favorite application

It is one of the most downloaded for its versatility and excellent use. With Dogo, you have the possibility of training your dog in obedience, teaching tricks and keeping track of suggested daily workouts, with more than 100 routines designed in the app.

The application works thanks to a marker that, through an audible signal, indicates the specific moments in which the dog should be rewarded, as well as the moment for the execution of any of the commands of the exercise routine.

It has a clicker, a sound signal that emulates a dog whistle and is considered one of the most effective forms for training. This application tracks progress and also offers the possibility of feedback with experts.

Dog Health

It is the perfect app so you don’t miss any information from the veterinarian. Dog Health is geared to allow you to track the health of the pet, grouping medical history, visits, vaccination, medicines and growth data.

With this application it is possible to have the data of several dogs simultaneously, keeping each one of the primary personal information that goes from the name and date of birth, to each date and reason for visiting the veterinarian.

Pet’s diary – Animal and pet care journal

This application is ideal for those who want to keep track of every moment of their pet. Pet’s diary is a space to store data on important days, keep track of new behaviors, advances in training, dates of illness or travel.

It allows you to organize the information registered according to different categories that the same user creates, grouped to your liking. The app stores information chronologically and allows you to have a timeline of what happened in the life of the pet.

Train your dog

It is one of the most complete applications for canine training; It has a reserve of more than 500 videos where they teach training routines, tricks to train the dog, curious facts and more.

This free application is considered an entire canine care library at all levels, with one of the largest reserves of videos available in an app; It also includes tutorials with delicious canine food recipes.