If in dogs there was a breed preferred by the old royalty, which is the Pomeranian, in cats too: it is the Persian cat. And it is not surprising: Persian cats have abundant and luxurious coats, as well as a somewhat regal personality. They are elegant looking cats and very cuddly. Due to their peculiarities, they require a little extra attention. Do you want to know more about Persian cats? Read on to learn all about them.

Brief history of Persian cats

It may surprise you, but the Persian cat is one of the oldest cat breeds, coming to be seen in hieroglyphs from 1684 BC. C. They are called Persians because they were brought to Europe from Persia (modern Iran) in the early 17th century. Still, doubts remain as to where they originated.

These long-haired cats became royal favorites, such as Queen Victoria. Persian is still today one of the most popular cat breeds. They are gentle and sweet and have a somewhat princely personality. They usually spend their time lying on a pillow, on the sofa, or on their owner’s lap, as if they were sitting on a throne.

Caring for a Persian cat

This breed takes some work compared to most cats. In particular, the care must be directed at their coat, since it is usually long and abundant. It is important to brush them daily and bathe them regularly to keep them looking clean. For this reason we advise you to introduce them to the bathroom as soon as possible, to make this experience a regular one for them. They tend to be low-energy animals that love affection and the quiet and security of home.

As for health problems, the Persians suffer from inherited difficulties that can be severe depending on the case. They include polycystic kidney disease, bladder stones, cystitis (bladder infections), and liver shunts.

Varieties of persian cats

Although the most typical Persian cat is the white one with blue eyes, there are many other varieties. For example, blue Persians (a very peculiar bluish gray) is one of the most desired among cat lovers. Another of the most spectacular for its color is the Persian brown. Regarding the size, the current Persians have a medium or large size. They are robust, with short and wide legs.

If you’re up to the challenge of daily grooming and frequent bathing, the Longhaired Persian is the breed of cat you were looking for. Regardless of the coat colors you choose these cats are adorable both inside and out. No wonder people fall in love with his small ears, soft hair, and flat face!

Owning a Persian cat

Remember that a Persian cat, no matter how beautiful it is, does not live to participate in exhibitions. Taking care of him will be all you need to be happy.

Be sure to control the possible health problems that we tell you about in this article, monitor his kidney condition, and take him to the vet regularly to be able to prevent any type of disease.

If it is your first Persian and you have doubts about the daily hygiene of your cat, you can also ask veterinary professionals, as they will help you and offer advice on what you need.