Great força, resistència i grandària, els gossos terranova are a popular and benevolent raça worldwide, els qui, malgrat el seu aspecte gegant and intimidante, have acquired the reputation of being affectionate, gentle and kind.

How cert is això? Next, we connect with the temperament of the Newfoundland gossos and why I can be a good pet for someone who is close to a perfect family in the family.

The relationship of Newfoundland dogs with children

Many people often have a preconceived idea about large dogs and their level of aggressiveness, especially with younger children, but the large size of a Newfoundland dog does not represent any problem in its relationship with people.

In fact and despite its imposing size, it is a very affectionate and protective dog, so there is nothing to fear if you have small children at home. When they are raised in a family environment, Newfoundland dogs are very patient and affectionate with children.

Cheerful, gentle and kind

Newfoundland dogs are usually very close and very protective of their owners, so they can detect and warn of certain dangers. However, in the same way as they are affectionate with family members, they can become very docile with strangers, so they do not stand out as guard dogs.

In general, dogs of this breed are very affectionate and sociable with almost anyone. They stand out for being very cheerful, gentle and kind, so if you are looking for a guard dog, a newfoundland is not the most recommended option.

A breed of smart dogs

Intelligence is one of the main characteristics of this breed; In fact, everything they are taught is usually learned very quickly. Their level of intelligence makes them very easy to educate pets, who can even be taught some tricks.

This condition also allows them to capture the corrective very quickly, so they are not very naughty. Not having to constantly correct the dog can be a great advantage, especially for those who do not have so many hours dedicated to training.

With their more than 60kg of weight on average and their solid and powerful appearance, Newfoundland dogs own a wonderful personality, which stands out for its kindness and sensitivity. That is why they are called gentile dogs, being ideal for families who want a loving and loyal dog.

An additional detail: they are great swimmers and love spending hours in the water; In fact, their versatility within the water makes them stand out in search and water rescue work.

For lovers of large and playful dogs, a Newfoundland can be a good option as a pet; Thanks to his affectionate, noble and loyal nature, educating him will be very easy.