Although the relationship between mites and birds was always considered parasitic, recent studies by specialists of the Higher Council for Scientific Research have shown that feather mites feed on bacteria, fungi and detritus present in birds.
However, these small and flattened arthropods can be very annoying in birds because they have piercing mouth parts that irritate their host birds. Therefore, if you have a bird as a pet, we tell you what are the characteristics of these mites and how to eliminate them.

¿What characteristics do bird mites have?

These small animals, in adulthood, reach a maximum length of 1mm and can hardly be detected with the naked eye; The only way they can be seen is when they are on the move. They are usually white, although they change to a brown hue when they take blood. Eggs and larvae can only be visible with the help of a microscope.
Bird mites usually complete their development in a period of between five and twelve days, always in the feathers of the birds and in conditions of optimum temperature. Due to their short life cycle, they can breed in large numbers in bird nests, migrating en masse in search of new hosts. In this period it is in which they usually enter the houses.

¿How to eliminate bird mites?

Although mites can survive for several weeks without feeding on blood, it is difficult for them to stay alive in low humidity environments, so it is essential that the house has controlled humidity, either with dehumidifiers or with air conditioners.
In case of detecting the presence of mites, it is recommended to isolate the infected bird in an individual cage since it can quickly infest healthy birds. Then, it will be necessary to perform a deep cleaning of the cage, washing the dishes and utensils with hot water, as well as discarding those materials that can mean difficult to clean.
For cleaning, it is recommended to use a solution of bleach and ammonia, products that should also be used to disinfect the different environments of the home.
While there are some specially developed products on the market to eliminate bird mites, many of these medications have lost their effectiveness because the mites have developed resistance to them. Therefore, it is important to consult with the veterinarian about what medications to use for our birds.
At home, it is advisable to use anti-mite insecticides that can be applied in corners, doors and windows. That way, we will prevent the appearance of eggs and larvae.
In addition, it is recommended to avoid that the birds that are in the wild make their nests in the vicinity of our homes. If this is the case, we recommend going to the center specialized in local fauna recovery, who will take the appropriate measures.