One of the key activities that allows maintaining a healthy environment for fish is the proper and regular maintenance of the aquarium. Through a series of elementary tasks that must be carried out with certain periodicity, it is possible to maintain a clean aquarium and in optimal conditions for our fish.

To achieve this, it is necessary to know a series of essential guidelines to perform maintenance tasks in order to achieve a healthy aquarium; Pay attention to the following tips that we provide below to achieve the ideal aquatic environment.

Why care is important in the maintenance of an aquarium

With the passage of time and as a consequence of natural biological processes, aquariums tend to accumulate some toxic elements and decrease the quality of some others. That is why, in the first place, we must make sure to make a partial replacement of the water with some periodicity.

It is necessary that the water to be used as a replacement has been treated with special water conditioners, since these products instantly neutralize chlorine, chloramines and harmful metals that are dissolved in drinking water and that can be harmful to fish.

In addition, when a part of the water is to be replaced, we must ensure that the new liquid is at the same temperature as the aquarium.

Guidelines for maintenance

It is necessary that no more than 40% of the aquarium water be changed each time maintenance is to be performed. In that line, we should not empty the aquarium completely when cleaning it, as it can cause stress on the fish.

There are special products that can be used at the time of performing the aquarium maintenance, which we can get in specialized stores. Do not use soaps or commercial detergents to clean the aquarium.

When cleaning the aquarium, avoid direct contact of your hands with water as natural body oils can be harmful to fish. Some tools specially designed for aquarium cleaning are available in the market.

Aquarium maintenance check list

Every day, you should check the current state of the aquarium fish, in order to identify any pathology or health problem they may present.

The daily check should include the review of filters, heaters, lights and other equipment that are part of the aquarium.

Dead plants and fish or debris that are formed from time to time should be removed in daily checkups.

Every week, you should clean the aquarium glass both inside and out. Thus, organic waste will be removed and will help improve water quality.

Dirt and organic debris can dull the aquarium lights; they must be checked and, if necessary, cleaned to ensure an adequate level of constant lighting.

Once a month, we must review the provision of special cleaning products, water conditioners and food supplies for fish. In addition, the monthly maintenance of the filter should be performed to improve water quality.