Our pets are very prone to heat stroke in the summer months. At this time of the year, the temperature reaches peaks of heat that are not only unbearable for humans but also for animals.

This alteration of the animal’s body temperature can generate not only changes in mood but also important health problems that should be avoided. Therefore, in the following post we tell you what is the way you should act before the increase in the body temperature of your pet.

¿Why can our pet’s body temperature rise?

In the same way as in people, thermoregulation is responsible for regulating body temperature in animals and keeping it within a constant and balanced range. In case the temperature rises, we are faced with a febrile process, which can be caused by external agents of microbial or non-microbial origin.

In general, the most common cause of fever in pets is infectious in nature. It can also be generated due to other factors such as inflammations, immune problems and neoplastic alterations. In other minor cases, there are no specific causes.

¿What to do if the pet manifests a feverish state?

If we are faced with the suspicion of fever in the pet, it is best to measure the rectal temperature with a thermometer. A temperature higher than 39 degrees can be considered moderate, while if it exceeds 41 degrees it is already a high fever.

Next, we must keep the animal under observation for the first few days. Adequate hydration is essential to take care of the health of our pet, especially in the hottest months. You should ensure that the animal has clean and fresh water all the time, even when the temperature has dropped.

Do not try to decrease your body temperature dramatically; We advise you to use a cloth dampened with fresh water and place it on your abdomen, gradually the temperature will gradually decrease.

If the fever does not decrease or has some other symptoms, it may be a more complicated matter, so you should take it as soon as possible to the veterinarian for a corresponding review.

¿How to protect our pet from excessive summer heat?

During the summer months, excessive heat can also raise the pet’s body temperature. Therefore, it is advisable to take certain precautions to take care of your health:

Taking the pet for a walk is essential to exercise it; nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid the walk in hours in which the sun is in its maximum splendor. In the summer months, it is convenient to walk it very early in the morning or after sunset; Between noon and four in the afternoon you should restrict the exit due to the intensity of the sun’s rays.

Although leafy fur protects the animal from weather changes, it is advisable to keep it with short hair during the summer season. However, it is not advisable to cut it much at the level of shaving as it can expose the skin to the weather.