In general, stress, that state of mental fatigue that is usually caused by the demand for a much higher than usual performance, is usually related to human beings; however, our pets may also feel it and, if not treated in time, may pose a major problem for the animal. Therefore, it is important to identify what is the root of the problem and determine the actions to follow to control it.

In dogs, race is a determining factor when establishing the reason why our pet is going through a moment of stress. This is because, according to their race, animals tend to be more or less nervous or react differently to some repeated stimulus.

Stressgineers may also be related to feelings of anxiety, exc ojosoples and fear ,oples’ emotions, as they are frequently perceived, can cause hyperact promover piedras and Alliance Structure.

Effects of stress on animals

The consequences of being exposed to situations of constant stress can generate health problems related to an imbalance in your immune system, which leaves you exposed to a series of diseases and infections. In addition, they may suffer alterations in gastric activity and an increase in heart rate.

Some of the most common symptoms of dogs with stress include hyperactivity, panting, aggression, vomiting, agitation, excessive thirst, lack of appetite, obsessive behavior, hair loss, lack of attention and diarrhea. In certain cases it can present an abundant salivation and rigidity in the muscles of the body.

In the most extreme cases, stress can produce desires for self-harm, chronic barking, digestive problems, lack of sleep and depression.

Guidelines to reduce stress in pets

If you have been able to identify some of these symptoms in your pet, there are a series of actions you can take to reduce your stress level and improve your health status.

The first step is to identify the source that is causing a high level of stress. Maybe something is causing fear or unrest and it is necessary to be clear what it is. Knowing the source will help us to know what measures to take in this regard.

From there, we will have to try to provide a quieter space, in which you can keep relaxed during the day and night.

The trainers recommend taking the dog for a walk, letting the nose allow them to explore the terrain freely. Smell is the sense that dogs have developed the most and this practice will stimulate them and help in their relaxation.

There is a method that can be useful for stress control of pets and is called anti-anxiety bandage and consists of placing a bandage and wrap the pet at certain strategic points; This will help her regain her emotional balance and raise her level of confidence.

In cases where the manifestations are more intense, do not hesitate to take it to your veterinary hospital; The specialist can determine the most appropriate treatment to solve your problem.