Is your cat pregnant? If so, you may be wondering how long cats are pregnant. Knowing whether or not your cat is pregnant is important to make sure she’s ready for pregnancy. You’ll also want to make sure you’re prepared for the arrival of a few kittens.

If you’re wondering how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts, you’ve come to the right place! For more information on cat pregnancy, simply read on.

Chronology of pregnancy in cats

Cats can spend a good part of the year in heat, as oestrus in cats is related to sunlight. During this phase, the female can be mounted by males. Due to the long duration of a cat’s oestrus, they are considered highly fertile animals.

Pregnancy in female cats usually lasts about two months, which translates to about (58-67 days). This duration of a cat’s pregnancy is true both for cats that have experienced pregnancy before and for cats that are pregnant for the first time.

Pregnancy in cats: what are the main signs?

During the first few weeks of a cat’s pregnancy, there are no apparent signs or symptoms that your cat may be pregnant. Do you think your cat is pregnant? If so, a vet will be able to confirm this around day 20 of pregnancy. During the gestation period in cats, if you do not want your cat to have kittens, a veterinarian can perform an ovariohysterectomy. In fact, this procedure can be performed throughout a cat’s pregnancy, however, the more advanced the pregnancy, the greater the risk of complications.

Towards the middle of a cat’s gestational term, you may notice the main symptoms of pregnancy in cats. The main sign that your cat is pregnant would be a noticeable increase in her size. Once pregnancy is confirmed, you must be sure to feed your cat properly and adequately, ensuring that she and her kittens receive all the nutrients they need.

During the final stage of your cat’s pregnancy, you may notice that if you place your hands on the sides of her abdomen, you can feel the kittens moving. Additional signs of pregnancy in cats include:

  • Swollen or larger abdominal area.
  • Enlarged breasts, preparing to nurse.
  • Your cat will seek a quiet place to rest, free from distractions.
  • Her appetite will decrease.

The appearance of vaginal discharge in your pregnant cat is often a sign that labour is imminent. All of these specific symptoms can help you determine how far along your cat is in her pregnancy. If you don’t know yet, we recommend you make an appointment at our hospital and have a veterinarian perform the appropriate tests to find out.

Neutering in cats

Cats are seasonal polyesters, which means that during the months of highest sunshine, usually from late winter to early autumn, they are constantly in heat and uncomfortable due to their oestrus phase.

Now, knowing how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts, it is easier to calculate that a cat may give birth to more than one litter per year. Neutering cats is important not only for them, but also to avoid unwanted litters. In addition to controlling the birth rate of kittens, spaying your cat has several health benefits for the animal.

These benefits include avoiding uterine infections and/or breast tumours.