When you think of spoiling your pet, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like most people, you probably thought of prizes or toys. These are not really bad ways to please your pet, but sometimes we abuse them too much. In fact, with the very high rates of obesity in pets that are handled in Spain, constantly rewarding them with treats is not the best of ideas.

Whether you have a dog or your furry companion is a cat, there are several healthy ways to pamper and spoil them that will be much better for their health in the long run. The team at Hospital Veterinari Glòries offers you some of the healthiest ideas for your best friend. Take note!

5 healthy ways to spoil your pet

Instead of offering treats and pampering that all they do is gain weight, we’re going to offer you some healthy ways that will make your pet feel just as loved as if you were offering the most appetizing of treats. So put away those dog biscuits and try chewing on this:

  • Fun exercise. All pets need to move and play, and your furry loved one needs to exercise every day. But it doesn’t have to be that boring walk that no longer excites your pet. Try some new exercises together like running, walking, outdoor agility, trick training, new interactive games, etc. Plan to exercise your pet every day for about 20-30 minutes to give him the movement he needs. Exercising and doing activities together is also pampering and loving your pet, and you will also be strengthening your bond.
  • Spa day for your furry. Taking care of the health of your pet’s skin and coat requires daily brushing, an occasional bath, nail trimming, and more. It doesn’t have to be a bad drink. It can be as simple as just making sure you brush his hair every day, in addition to his teeth, or trim his nails every few weeks. Buy a new brush or comb and spend some relaxing time together to brush. It is a great way to improve their coat and again create a stronger bond between you. Your dog or cat will appreciate it!
  • Spend more time together. During our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that pets need quality time, too. It is not enough to just throw a ball at them a couple of times, collect their droppings or feed them. We are talking about true care. Take a day out to do pet-friendly things, whether it’s a trip to your favorite park or snuggling with him on the couch while watching a movie.
  • Monitor their nutrition. If your pet has been eating poor quality food, check his nutrition and seriously consider a change. Work with your vet to choose the best food and / or nutritional supplements for your companion, as well as ask for advice on maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Get regular health checks. One of the main goals of contributing to the best life of a pet is through wellness or preventive care. Just like you make your annual medical check-ups a priority, it is important to make an effort to promote the health of our pets, who are also part of our family.

What things do you do to pamper your pet in a healthy way? We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about how to care for your pet, or want to schedule an appointment with us, please get in touch by clicking here.