Tiny, adorable and easy to care, the hamster is one of the favorite pets of the smallest and increasingly adopted as a company in Spanish homes. As such, some specifications referring to their upbringing are usually a matter of consultation in the veterinary clinic.

One of the most usual queries is about the time this little animal can live; In this article we will try to answer this question.

The life span of a hamster

Many families are unaware of the average time that a hamster usually reared in adequate conditions. Over the years, children are often surprised at the moment they find their favorite pet lifeless, blaming themselves for an alleged neglect or neglect in their care.

The truth is that these animals have a very short period of life, one of the shortest among domestic animals.

Under appropriate conditions and depending on the breed of the animal, its life expectancy does not exceed three years. Moreover, on average, hamsters do not usually live beyond 30 months.

That is why its development is completed in a very short time, having the ability to reproduce from two and a half months of age and to reach old age at the end of the year.

Life expectancy varies according to race

There are about nineteen current species other than hamsters, grouped into seven genera. According to their species, these animals can live more or less years. In fact, there are some records of species that can live for up to four years.

The Chinese hamster, for example, known to be the only one that has a prehensile tail and usually measures about 4cm, lives, on average, two and a half years.

Meanwhile, Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, like Russian dwarf hamsters, live between 18 and 24 months, while the Roborovski hamster can live up to 42 months.

Hamster care for a full life

Taking into account the life expectancy of the hamster is very important to avoid surprises among children. Being aware of the life span of an average hamster, owners must offer quality of life to their pets and care in their diet is essential to achieve it.

A balanced diet based on the intake of fresh vegetables such as chard, watercress, peppers and carrot leaves is essential in your diet.

In addition, it is necessary to take care of your space, keeping it in proper hygiene conditions.

As we have mentioned, because the life expectancy of a hamster is very short, they begin their old age at 12 months of age. It is from that moment that the risk of suffering various diseases or pathologies is increased; Therefore, it is advisable to visit the veterinarian in order to check your health and rule out any disease or pathology.