The goldfinch is one of the most desired birds by poultry lovers around the world. And you just have to see it: it is a beautiful bird for its plumage and its colors but also for its harmonious song. Do you want to know more about it and its characteristics? We will tell you.

General characteristics of goldfinches

Known by its scientific name “Carduelis carduelis”, or the common name of cardelina, the goldfinch is a bird that belongs to the finch family. The most common is to see it both in Europe and in the north of Africa and some parts of Asia, closer to the west.

Its appearance is similar to that of canaries, but with a slightly wilder touch that makes it distinctive. Goldfinch communities are usually located in forests, fields, agricultural areas, parks and gardens, as well as in any area where grass thrives abundantly, especially if there are thistles in the area, the favorite food of this species. On the other hand, they are birds with a preference for rather hot environments.

What is a goldfinch like?

The goldfinch is a small bird, measuring only between 12 and 13.5 cm. Its weight reaches a maximum of 19 grams, although the normal thing is that it oscillates the 14.

If there is something that characterizes him physically, it is the red mask on his face and the black wings with a yellow stripe. When they are adults, the plumage takes on a tricolor appearance with a black and white head pattern. The beak is common, adapted to its type of food.

When they are young, their head and body have a brownish gray tone, reaching the typical tricolor head color after going through the first feather molt in autumn.

It is a type of bird that is difficult to differentiate between the female and the male. However, the male usually has a greater amount of red in the face mask and the nasal feathers are somewhat darker, which could help to differentiate it from the female in the case of wanting to reproduce the species. Still, the best way to tell them apart is by using a DNA test.

How is the character of this bird?

The goldfinch is a very active bird with a very cheerful character, that is why it is perfect for your home as long as you can cover all its needs. He loves to sing and move from one place to another inside the cage, or through the branches of the trees when he is free.

It is a perfect companion at home, since it is a loving animal with its owner and likes to brighten the day with its music. In addition, if you get used to it from a young age, you can imitate the rhythm of a song that you have heard a lot.

What does a goldfinch cage have to be like?

Although the goldfinch is a small bird, if you have it at home, it is necessary to use a large cage, since it likes to be able to take flight. Therefore, you should get a cage that is at least 100 cm wide, 60 cm high and 80 cm deep, so that it has enough room to move. As for its shape, it is better to avoid oval cages and opt for square or rectangular ones.

The material is another issue that you should consider, since some cages could be very toxic for these birds, for example, zinc. It is preferable to bet on cages whose bars are made of stainless steel.

What to feed a goldfinch?

The goldfinch is a granivorous bird, and therefore it feeds mainly on seeds. In many stores there are already prepared foods with different combinations of seeds so that you can feed it, but you can also prepare some homemade combination that you can taste yourself, such as thistle, dandelion, poppy or sunflower seeds. These seeds can be given to you throughout the year and on a daily basis without running any risk, as long as a recommended daily dose is not exceeded.