Over the years, fleas have always been stalking domestic animals, generating a lot of discomfort. These animals are characterized as very small organisms, intelligent and quite resistant, since they can inhabit any space for a long time. In addition, the fleas are silent and their reproduction capacity is alarming.

However, this does not mean that they are invincible since there are effective methods to combat them; Next, we’ll tell you how to act when fleas invade our pets.

Some quirks of fleas

When they reach adulthood, fleas usually represent only five percent of the total population. In fact, the highest percentage, speaking in a timely manner of 95%, hide in their homes that are shaped like eggs or are in the form of larvae.

Flea larvae do not like light, so they seek to hide in cracks or holes in the home; also in carpets, floors and upholstery, places that can spend months.

A female flea can lay around 60 eggs a day, so that before we act faster we can avoid its massive reproduction.

If you see that your pet has fleas, consider fumigating your home, thus preventing them from staying in places you would never believe they could be.

Identify the symptoms and apply the treatment

Fleas usually leave a sting quite peculiar and recognizable to the naked eye. Usually, once the flea bites, the pet can feel an uncontrollable itch almost immediately.

After the bite, in about half an hour, it starts to generate a red bump on the skin that could later cause an infection, since your pet will try to scratch to satisfy the discomfort.

Once you recognize the area affected by its peculiar red color, you should wash it using water and an antiseptic soap. It is advisable to consult the veterinarian about the ideal soap to reduce the possibility of generating an infection.

Go to the vet

It is recommended to take the animal to a veterinary consultation in order that the specialist can evaluate the situation and indicate the products that should be used to cut the flea growth cycle. The veterinarian will be able to determine which is the most effective and least unpleasant method for your pet.

In addition, the specialist will explain how the bath should be done and schedule a regular check to determine if the fleas disappeared or not.

Remember that it is also very important to carry out spraying at home, since, as mentioned above, fleas can survive in any corner of the house and the problem could continue.

If the article was useful to you, share your experience with us and tell us what has been your most effective method to keep fleas away from your pet.