Whether it is the night of San Juan, New Year’s Eve, or the local festival of the town, they are occasions in which firecrackers and fireworks are used to liven up the festivities. Unfortunately, not all living things enjoy this show of lights, sounds and colors. Many dogs tremble, moan, hide, and walk fearfully around the home when they hear its sound. The uncertainty of its origin, added to a fearful character or a traumatic event related to sound, can bring about these behaviors. What can you do to help them? In this article we give you some tips to help your dog feel better.

Tips to help your dog afraid of fireworks and firecrackers

How do we help our dog calm down and not be so scared during the fireworks explosion? These are our tips:

  • Better if they stay inside the house, away from the noise
    Keeping your dog indoors and away from noise can help them, since they will be less exposed to sound, and also, you will avoid possible escapes due to fear. Playing music or television will help to generate white noise and distract you.


  • Talk to your vet for possible medications
    It is not uncommon in the face of despair and to try a thousand ways to improve the situation before, many dog ​​owners opt for medication so that they can relax. Make an appointment with your vet and discuss the situation as there are several options that can help treat fireworks phobias in dogs:

    • Pheromones: There are pheromone-based solutions that help reduce anxiety in dogs in situations such as storms, travel, separation or fireworks. You can find them in the form of a diffuser, sprays or a necklace.
    • Melatonin: This supplement can be found easily, usually in pill form, also used to relax dogs.
    • Prescription medication: In very severe cases, veterinarians may prescribe stronger medication to relax or sleep the dog. This option and its administration must always be guided by the vet.


  • Pressure vests for dogs afraid of fireworks
    There is a type of vest for dogs that ensures that, through sustained pressure and the comforting posture of the torso, it manages to calm dogs. Temple Grandin, a zoologist, ethologist and expert in livestock behavior, was the first to relate that certain types of touching or pressure on the body could have calming effects. They say that it is as if they continually have their master’s hand caressing them and saying, “Easy, everything is fine.”


  • Avoid leaks
    There is a great tendency for dogs to run away from home during the designated dates when there are parties and fireworks nearby, than at any other time of the year. How to prevent them from escaping? First of all, make sure your dog is wearing a chip ID. Second, don’t leave your dog unattended at home when there are fireworks outside. If you are going out, find someone who can take care of him at that time.


  • Take the opportunity to distract him and try to play with him
    Before medicating your dog, it will always be advisable to correct the situation with other methods. Act normally when you hear firecracker and fireworks noises, talk to him, give him orders to sit or lie down, and reward him. Engaging him in other enjoyable activities, such as play, will make him not relate the situation to something negative, rather the opposite.