Dog parks, or as they are known in many parts of Spain, “pipican”, offer our furry friends the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and socialise with others of their own kind. We are fortunate to have many dog parks in Spain to choose from, and many take advantage of them, so it is important to always carry out best practice in dog parks.

To make your visits to the dog park much happier, we’ve put together some tips to help you the next time you go to one – we want you and your dog to be real role models for the rest of the pack!

What not to do when you go to a dog park or a doggy kennel

For the safety of dogs and people, the established rules of dog parks must be followed at all times, including those that are specified before entry, but there are also unwritten rules that you should follow. Here are five important mistakes to avoid in a dog park:

  • Unvaccinated dogs

For your dog’s protection and the protection of others, make sure your dog is up to date with canine vaccinations and parasite preventatives. Do not take a dog or puppy that is not yet fully immunised to the pipican, and above all, be responsible and do not go if you find any worrying symptoms in your dog.

  • Not picking up their faeces

Your dog is likely to relieve himself while enjoying the moment, and leaving him on the grass for other dogs or people to step on is one thing you should definitely avoid. Not only is it uncivic, but it can also lead to the spread of diseases and parasites that reside in our dogs’ poo.

  • Not intervening when you should

When puppies’ tempers clash, it’s up to humans to calm the situation safely. It is important to be aware that, if your dog has a habit of mounting other dogs, it may not be looked upon favourably by all pipican companions, as well as a dog running full speed at another dog, incessant sniffing of other dogs or any behaviour that may be seen as an act of aggression or dominance. When a dog seems uncomfortable, it is time to take action to stop the situation escalating and prevent it from ending badly.

  • Ignoring your dog

One of the worst things dog owners can do is keep their heads buried in their phones or spend time talking to other people while their dogs go crazy. TikTok and Instagram can wait. Keep your eyes on your dog.

  • Bring food or treats

It’s perfectly fine to reward your pup for a fun day at the park, but having treats in your hands or pockets at the park could cause quite a revolution! Also, you should avoid eating food in front of the dogs yourself while you are in the doggy food bowl.

We want you and your dog to enjoy your next dog park experience. And remember: if your dog is not fully vaccinated, don’t hesitate to contact us so that our vets can look after you and protect your furry friend’s health.