If you notice that your dog very often licks its paws, do not think that it is only grooming like most cats and dogs do, if it does more than usual it is possible that your pet is not completely healthy.

We present some of the reasons why your dog licks his legs so much. It is important to identify the cause for your pet to overcome this discomfort.

  • Cleaning

The legs of dogs are a part of the body that is in constant contact with the ground, so it is very easy for this area to be dirty, since it is exposed to different substrates. It is one of the least worrisome reasons there are, since that if your pet does it is simply to stay clean. It is a very typical behavior, especially after going for a walk.

  • Stress

Does your dog go for a little walk and spend a lot of time at home alone? Stress is one of the most common causes among nervous dogs and with low mental entertainment. Irrespective of whether your dog is big or small, all dogs need a lot of attention, play and exercise to keep them occupied and happy. If you notice that your pet licks its legs a lot, it is possible that it is releasing tension and accumulated anxiety. However, this behavior tends to become a harmful addiction that harms the dog both physically and psychologically.

  • Abuse

It is possible that if your dog has little physical activity or spends a lot of time just want to develop an activity other than lying down and start licking. ,

  • Boredom

As we have discussed previously, can lead to cause stress and develop this habit of licking the legs that serves to calm down.

  • Allergy

It is possible that your dog licks his legs for reasons related to allergies. These allergic reactions can be given by some food, substance or sting.

  • Parasites and insects

Does your dog spend much time away from home? The bites of insects or parasites cause an immense itching that dogs usually alleviate licking the damaged parts. These behaviors are more typical in times of heat, since it is when there is more volume of parasites.

In short, if our dog licks its limbs in a timely manner, we don’t have to worry. However, if you do it repeatedly and exaggeratedly, the best we can do is consult the veterinarian so you can identify what is the cause of this excessive licking.