Like humans, all dogs have their own personalities, and some are simply calmer than others. But a dog’s breed can also tell you a lot about the problems you might face before you take on the happy stage of bringing him home, such as excessive barking.

While barking can be controlled with proper training, if you live in a flat and are worried about getting complaints from neighbours, it might be worth considering a breed of dog that doesn’t feel the overriding need to bark constantly. So read on to find out which dog breeds are known for keeping barking to a minimum.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Originally a working breed found on Swiss farms. These gentle dogs now work well with families and children thanks to their balanced personalities. However, they will have favourites and will often become attached to a particular member of the nuclear family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

There is a reason Charlotte had one in the Sex and the City series. This breed’s attributes are perfectly suited to city life: calm, friendly and (of course) you’re unlikely to ever hear it bark.

French Bulldog

Another happy flat companion, Frenchies don’t need much exercise other than a few brisk walks. By their nature, they don’t bark either.


The same is true of the English version of the bulldog. They are very easy-going, friendly to other animals and people, love to lie down and you will rarely hear them bark.


The basenji is actually known as the “no bark dog”, but the breed is not completely mute. When they do decide to bark, these dogs make strange noises that sound similar to a Tyrolean chant – a very peculiar sound indeed!


This beautiful breed of Russian origin is defined as “calm and elegant”. They are greyhound-like dogs, which can reach speeds of up to 64 km per hour when they start running! Of course, they are not at all barky.

Scottish Hound

The Scottish greyhound is a giant-sized greyhound dog, similar to the English greyhound. He won’t fit in your lap, but this hound has a most gentle and friendly personality with everyone. Their intermediate energy levels mean they can appreciate a good gallop in the open air, followed by a long nap.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Wheatens don’t not bark, but will only bark when necessary, usually to make their presence known. They have a friendly personality and enjoy long walks very much.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is unlikely to ever be heard to bark. They are quite quiet, playful and very intelligent dogs.

Australian Sheepdog

Active and bright, Australian Sheepdogs as a breed developed mainly in the USA, but more and more can be seen in Europe. As good sheepdogs, they will alert their owners if necessary, but are unlikely to start barking uncontrollably at any alert.


Shih tzus were historically seen with Chinese royalty, but today they are more than happy to live in humbler homes. These cheerful dogs have over a thousand years of experience serving as companions to humans, so they make great housemates and don’t bark excessively.

Imaal Terrier

If you love the bravery of terriers, but could do with a little less effusiveness, this (much gentler) breed is perfect for you. Imaal Terriers still retain that adventurous spirit of their terrier relatives, but they play a little quieter and express themselves with less excitement in any situation.


They are very independent dogs, but not at all noisy. These fast-footed hounds run at full speed, and their loyalty to their owners ranks as one of their main qualities. As a good greyhound, he is calm and relaxed in his day-to-day life, and you will only hear him bark in certain warning situations.

Rhodesian Crested Dog

Rhodesian Crested dogs are a marvel. They are probably best noted for their even temperament, athletic and affectionate nature. It is the hair growing in the opposite direction that forms the characteristic crest along the spine. The Rhodesian never barks, days or weeks can go by without you hearing him make a single bark. He has great self-confidence and exudes an overwhelming calmness with his presence.

We know that many of you, because of your personal circumstances, prefer certain types of dogs. We love them all. Are you looking for a new vet for your furry friend? Find out more about Hospital Veterinari Glòries and bring your dog with us to take care of his health.

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