Thanks to their size, dogs of small breeds are presented as ideal for breeding within a flat or apartment. And, in addition to its size, there are other determining factors that influence its care in small spaces; However, there are some considerations that we may be overlooking and that may represent a problem when choosing them as pets.

Activity level, character and genetics, are just some of the factors that are usually determining when we must opt ​​for one race or another; Therefore, this time we will meet some ideal dog breeds to care for in a flat and take these attributes into account.

Maltese Bichon

With a small structure, white and silky fur and a sociable character, the Maltese bichon is a dog considered as ideal for living together in a small home, and this adorable animal does not need large areas of space for breeding.

These dogs are able to obey the orders of their caretakers and often follow their owners everywhere. They are extremely affectionate and playful.

As points against: they have a delicate skin, their fur requires special care and requires constant dental cleaning, since they generate a lot of tartar between the teeth.

West highland white terrier

The West Highland white terrier, commonly called westie, has an effusive and cheerful character. Due to its size and characteristics, it adapts very well to aging in small spaces. It is a hunting dog by nature, so it has certain special characteristics to take into account.

Thanks to his character, he gets along very well with children, loves to play digging in the ground and is usually very affectionate and faithful with his caregivers.

This animal weighs between 8kg and 10kg in adulthood and requires frequent walks combined with moderate exercise. One fact: he loves to defend the house and is always on alert.

Pug, carlino or pug

Originally from China and popularized in the United Kingdom, where it tends to be associated with royalty, the pug, carlino or pug is an adorable and very playful little animal, which is usually very required for breeding in small spaces.

A characteristic of the carlino is that he is a very affectionate dog with his owner, he loves to play with him and is very friendly with children.

At the beginning, your activity level may seem excessive, but as the years go by, it becomes a calm and peaceful pet. Keep in mind that it can be a somewhat stubborn dog, so it should be disciplined since childhood.

Dachshund, dachshund or sausage

It is very common to see the dachshund as a member of a family that lives in a flat or apartment. Its small limbs and elongated body, the product of a genetic mutation, are characteristic aspects of this lovely breed.

With an average weight of around 9kg, these dogs are very intelligent and obedient, although their character can make their breeding a bit difficult. They are prone to overweight, so you need to take care of your diet.

These are just some of the ideal dogs to breed in a flat; Because of their size and special features, they are perfect for your care is tight spaces. In future publications we will analyze other small races ideal for adoption in small spaces.