If you have reached this article it is probably because you have a dog and you love to see him enjoy running on the beach. When the holidays arrive we do not know where we can go without being prohibited from going by going with our pets. In Spain it is possible to take them with you, but it is better to go to the right beach since they can fine you for being there with your dog. So that you have no doubts about which ones to take to enjoy a summer beach day together, we bring you a list of some of the most appropriate in all of Spain.

The best beaches for dogs in Spain

These are some of the Spanish beaches that you can go without problem with your dog:

Playa La Rubina  (Empuriabrava, Girona)

This has been the first beach for dogs (officially) in Spain. It was inaugurated in 2012, and was largely enabled to provide service to all European tourists traveling to the area with their pets. It is currently one of the best beaches for dogs on the peninsula, as well as an example of coexistence between bathers and dogs.

If you live near the area and have not yet taken your pet there, it is worth the trip. La Rubina Beach is located within the Aiguamolls Natural Park.

Llevant beach in Barcelona

During 2016, the Barcelona City Council itself carried out a pioneering initiative in Spain, enabling a section of a beach only for bathers to go with a dog in summer. It was an initiative with such good reception that year after year, since then, it has been repeated. At the entrance to the enabled section, there is a person scanning the chips of each of the dogs: one of the rules is that no dog without a chip can pass. Normally its use is available from mid-June until the end of the bathing season.

La Balsa de La Arena (Deltebre, Tarragona)

This incredible beach occupies a large area, has very fine sand and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. If you are looking for tranquility, this is the ideal beach for you and your dog throughout the year. If you are from the area, you should know that the Bassa de l’Arena Dog Beach is located after the Riumar Beach, surrounded by practically virgin and natural environments.

Playa Agua Amarga (Alicante)

This “doggy beach” was inaugurated in 2016, and since then many people have come to meet and enjoy it with their dogs. It is located between Alicante and Urbanova, in front of the desalination plant. It has good access by car and a large parking area. Also, it has a beach bar where you can find refreshing drinks for yourself and water for your pet.

Playa de l’Ahuir (Gandía, Valencia)

You will only find this dog beach open during the summer, just like the one in the city of Barcelona. It is a very well equipped beach, with showers, toilets, even with rescue and surveillance personnel who take care of the environment so that all the rules of use are met. Without a doubt, this has become one of the best dog beaches in all of Spain.

Canine Beach of Torre del Mar (Torre del Mar, Málaga)

This is a beautiful fine sand beach opened in 2016, when the City Council was able to modify its ordinances to allow dogs to go along a section of its coast. In addition, it has an exclusive area for play and entertainment with dogs.

Bayas Beach (Castrillón, Asturias).

In Asturias we find the Bayas Beach, opened as a dog area in 2016. According to many, it is the best dog beach in Asturias, which also allows access throughout the year. It is surrounded by perfect green areas to disconnect from the noise of the city and enjoy nature.

The part enabled to go with dogs in Playa de Bayas is the westernmost area, next to Los Quebrantos beach in Soto del Barco

Arenal del Jortin, in Soto de la Marina (Bezana, Cantabria)

Arenal del Jortin is a small cove located on the right side of the San Juan de la Canal beach, in Soto de la Marina. It is a perfect place to enjoy a family beach day with your dog; it is for many the best dog beach in all of Cantabria.

Llenaire beach (Port de Pollença, Mallorca)

This is one of the best dog beaches on the island of Mallorca, and one of the most popular for families with dogs. The environment that surrounds it is beautiful.

Despite being a rock and stone beach, Playa de Llenaire has a beautiful setting and a large pine area where you can also enjoy a nap in the shade.

La Guacimeta, in Playa Honda (San Bartolomé, Lanzarote)

In the Canary Islands they also have incredible beaches to go with your dogs. In this case, the Playa de la Guacimeta is located on the island of Lanzarote, and due to its mild climate, it is perfect to enjoy it at any time of year accompanied by your pet.

Dangers with dogs on the beach

Most dogs spend amazing days on the beach. They enjoy games in the sand, socialize and refresh thanks to the sea water. Still, it’s important to note that going to the beach with your pet also carries some risks that you should watch out for. First of all, you must take care that your pet does not ingest too much sea water, as it can lead to severe poisoning. What’s more, there are cases where the animal has died after one of these poisonings due to excess salt water.

Another danger you should avoid is long exposure to the sun for your pet, as they can lead to the animal suffering from heat stroke. Therefore, if you are going to spend a day at the beach with your dog, do not forget to always carry a lot of water so that he can drink from it when he is thirsty, also try to have a shade time, so that he does not spend too much time in the water if you see that he is swallowing water, and if after leaving the beach you notice that he has diarrhea or vomiting, if he is too tired or acts differently than usual, do not hesitate and take him to the nearest vet.