The first thing to know about the Spanish water dog is that it is not really a water dog. Unlike the Irish Water Spaniel or the American Water Spaniel, the Spanish water dog is classified as a herding dog, and not in the sports group. Yes, it will work in the water, but this very ancient breed was developed to herd and protect various types of livestock independently and with little training.

The breed has a natural ability to “manage” the pack and react to it. With its intelligence, its great ability to learn and hard work, the Spanish water dog has proven to be an invaluable dog. But what do you need to know if you share your life with a Spanish water dog? Here are some curiosities about him.

7 curiosities about the Spanish water dog

Over the years, dogs have come to have another role in our society. They are one more member of the family that we take care of and with whom we share life, and no longer so much a tool or co-worker. If you have a Spanish water dog, or are thinking of having one, these data may interest you a lot!

  1. It is a very active dog. Does this make him a good or bad pet? That depends on whether you are his suitable human. There are no good or bad pets. But it’s fair to say that this is a high-energy dog ​​that needs a lot of physical and mental exercise. He is also very comfortable with human contact. If you are the active type, who enjoys outdoor activities and loves to feel the blood pumping in your heart, he will be with you better than anyone. Even better, offer him jobs to do or participate in dog sports like agility, flyball, or tracking games.
  2. He is the protector. The Spanish water dog is deeply loyal and faithful to his people, although he may have a favorite among family members, like many breeds. And because he is so loyal, with a protective instinct, he can decide that he is the guardian of his family and his territory. He is protective and this is how he will show himself to strangers who approach his family.
  3. No, he is not a poodle, a Portuguese water dog or a Lagotto Romagnolo. Although, at first or even second glance, he does look like other breeds, he is clearly a Spanish water dog. His only coat is woolly and curly and covers his entire body, including his eyes. Left long and natural, his coat forms ringlets, almost like dreadlocks. He is a unique looking dog.
  4. He is, above all, a pastor. He carries it in his DNA. In fact, he will herd everything that moves: children, other animals, moving vehicles, etc. Make sure young children socialize well with your Spanish Water Dog. Although protective by nature, Spanish water dogs are not shy or aggressive towards people.
  5. The Spanish water dog is easy to train. He has a strong desire to please his owner and an intelligence is quick. However, without a strong pack leader (that is, you), he may decide that he is the boss. His strong will and his need for mental and physical stimulation require a structured routine, therefore it is important to take the time to get the best out of him.
  6. He has so many other names that you might think that he is an international spy. The Spanish Water Dog is also known as Turkish Andalusian, Turkish Dog … Depending on what you ask in a country or another insurance they offer you a different name.
  7. A Spanish water dog is definitely worth taking care of! With plenty of physical and mental stimulation, training, and an experienced owner, the Spanish Water Dog is a deeply affectionate, energetic, and faithful canine friend. He will thrive on the challenges and adventures of an active lifestyle and he will be your most loyal companion for life.