Who does not love to decorate the home for Christmas and feel all the spirit of the holidays in every corner? Surely many. However, if you have a pet at home, things can get complicated due to these ornaments. If your pet chews, plays, or tries to catch Christmas decorations, you may need to rethink your Christmas decorations in your home. Are Christmas decorations dangerous for pets?
Stay with us and discover what types of ornaments can represent a danger and what measures you must take to prevent your pet from suffering any mishap.

Pet Proof Christmas Decoration

Before we get into each of the possible dangerous Christmas decorations for pets, it is essential to talk about their location. Of all the Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece. Since Christmas trees tend to be heavily decorated, with lots of balls and ribbons, they are the biggest safety hazard for your pet.

We all like to have a Christmas tree loaded with decorations, but if our pet is a puppy, or tends to chew on everything he finds, you will have no choice but to choose to look for safer options. What is the best and safest place to put the Christmas tree if you have a pet? It depends on the height of the animal and if it can climb or not. The tree should be placed higher than the pet and should be completely out of reach if the pet in question is a cat.

Christmas lights and cables

Many people decide to install Christmas lights in their garden, windows or around the Christmas tree, and the result is a truly spectacular Christmas decoration. But have you ever thought about the consequences for your pet?

If our little friend is a dog who likes to chew on anything, a fussy kitten who is attracted to all shiny and shiny objects, or a rabbit that you usually drop at home, you should always keep the wires and Christmas lights out of his reach.

At the time of installation, it is important to keep the cables together and in order. Try tying them up, if you leave them hanging, your pet could use the wires as toys and become tangled, even strangled.
The cables should never be left on the ground, as your pet could bite them and receive an electric shock. Whenever you are not using them, and especially if you are not at home, unplug the holiday lights.

Christmas decorations

Cats are drawn to sparkly Christmas decorations. Also, dogs that tend to play with balls can easily succumb to the desire to get that round object and use it as a toy.

We recommend not using glass ornaments, or any other material that will break and cause serious injury to your pet. Consider homemade or craft ornaments made with felt, crochet, and fabric, and in any case keep them out of her reach.

Today there is a wide range of possible Christmas tree decorations in addition to the traditional ones. Apply the same advice to these objects and do not buy any glass, as they can be very dangerous for your pet.

Poinsettia: a toxic Christmas plant

In the list of toxic plants for dogs and cats we can find one of the traditional Christmas plants: Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). In fact, this plant is particularly dangerous for pets.

Ingesting poinsettia can cause digestive disorders that can trigger diarrhea and vomiting, while direct contact with the animal’s skin or eyes can cause irritation, rash, or itching.

It is no longer just about preventing them from destroying everything. The ingestion of these Christmas decorations and decorations could do a lot of damage to your furry’s stomach, or cause mouth and throat injuries.

As you can see, most Christmas decorations are dangerous for pets. However, just by keeping a few basic safety tips in mind, you can guarantee a happy, accident-free vacation.
If your pet suffers some kind of accident due to the Christmas decorations, do not hesitate to go to our emergency veterinary hospital.