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What to do if you find an abandoned dog?

Unfortunately, there are still too many people who act rash and fall short of the responsibility of caring for a dog. According to reports from the Affinity Foundation, 162,000 dogs were abandoned in Spain during 2020. With the proactive campaigns and the pandemic, this number has been lower than in previous years, but it is still too much.

There is no single answer to the question, what do I do if I find an abandoned dog? However, we want to talk about it to guide you and know how to act in case you find an abandoned dog.

How to help an abandoned dog

The first thing to understand with an abandoned or lost dog is that it will probably be very scared, and therefore you must exercise caution and not approach it invasively (not even inadvertently). If they have had a traumatic experience, they may react negatively, try to flee, or even act aggressively.

You can find an abandoned dog anywhere. Often people take them to remote areas and leave them on the side of the road or in some remote location. The dog is often disoriented and confused in the surroundings. They may be trying to get back home, but you will lose any odor traces, so you won’t know where to go. However, it is also possible for dog owners to abandon an entire house and leave the dog behind. If this is the case, the dog may be walking the property. If a dog is on the property, and you have reason to suspect that it has been abandoned, you should call the local authorities, as you will not have the right to enter without authorization.

Not all the dogs that you see on the street alone are abandoned. Many may have gotten lost while chasing a car from home or let curiosity get the best of them, and they got lost. However, if the dog is lost, the protocol will be very similar to that for abandoned dogs. We will talk about them later.

How to approach an abandoned dog

When trying to get close to an unfamiliar, lost, or abandoned dog, you should look around to make sure its owners are not around. You can make an incorrect assumption and cause undue stress on the animal. However, if you are sure the dog is alone, don’t force him to do anything that makes him uncomfortable. The goal is to gain their trust and prevent them from running away:
Start by approaching the dog from the side, not directly from the front. Speak in a calm and measured voice. You can say soothing words like “good dog” or “very good” “quiet”, etc., to show your tone of voice and your positive intention
Get down a bit. Extend the palm of your hand open and flat, fingers down (never in the direction of his mouth) and let the dog sniff it. Avoid making sudden movements.

Don’t stare at them, approach them directly, or give them any aggressive impression. It can misunderstand you.
If you have food, try shredding it and scattering it on the ground. In this way, you can capture his attention, create a positive situation and build trust.

Attracting an abandoned dog

If the dog has approached you voluntarily, you can take advantage of it and check your collar for dog tags. This should include the contact information that the owner will have added. A recently lost dog will most likely have a healthier coat and generally look well-groomed. If this is the case, you should take them to the nearest veterinary clinic and see if they have a chip to find their owners.

The abandoned dog does not come near you

If the dog does not trust you, refuses to approach, or is behaving aggressively, do not try to catch or hold it. You should contact the relevant authorities, which we will detail in this article. Always act calm and always consider your own safety as well as that of the dog.

Who do I call if I find an abandoned dog?

If you find an abandoned or lost dog, who to call will depend on the situation. If the dog approaches you, he is friendly and does not pose a threat to himself or others, then first you should be able to take him home without problems. If there is a dog walking on the road you must be very careful. Going behind the wheel and not parking in a proper place could cause an accident.

Find a safe place to park and try to lure him to the car. If the dog is aggressive, stay away from him. You will have to call the appropriate service to get support. The least we can do if we cannot take the animal to a veterinarian, or if we cannot help it in any way, is to call 112 and ask them to put us in contact with the local police or with Seprona (Nature Protection Service in Spain).

What is cold pressed pet food? Pros and cons

The concept of “cold pressing” for olive oil will sound familiar to many, right? But have you ever wondered what is behind the term “cold pressed dog food”? Did you know this type of pet food? In this article we will talk about natural feed, and in particular we will try to clarify what cold-pressed feed is. In addition, we will end by listing some brands of cold-pressed feed that you could find in Spain. Are you interested in this topic? Well, take note!

What is natural feed?

Natural feeds are those whose ingredients are of a magnificent quality. The main ingredient in these foods is usually meat, although, very important: only meats that are suitable for human consumption are selected. What does this mean? Well, it means that if these meats were sold for a human food factory, they would pass all the necessary controls and, after all their processes, we could consume them by buying them in supermarkets. This meat is known as type “A” and is sold to factories free of by-products or animal waste such as beaks, feathers or legs, guaranteeing that the protein it contains is of exceptional quality.

On the other hand, natural feed must meet other characteristics, such as the amount of cereals it contains in its composition. Cereals are necessary for our pets, but only in controlled doses, due to their source of carbohydrates. But there are also feed called grain-free (without cereals), for dogs and cats with intolerances, which do not finish digesting these components well.

These feeds use another class of ingredients, such as potatoes or peas, as a source of carbohydrates. Once we know the concept of natural feed, we can talk about one of its best alternatives in production: cold-pressed feed.

What is cold pressed feed?

To get the cold-pressed pellets, the manufacturer mixes the ground ingredients and takes them to a press that shapes the pulp into pieces suitable for dogs and cats: a roller presses the food, shaping the feed with the appropriate diameter. . Even during the cold pressing process, the feed will heat up due to the pressure. However, temperatures are normally limited to around 75º (the minimum required by law to ensure that the feed is free from salmonellosis is 70º) and no steam is used.

The different process is apparent at first glance, and the granules physically resemble the original ingredients. Therefore, people who like to give their dog a near-natural diet tend to choose cold-pressed dry foods more often.

This pressing system is also known as pelletizing. With this new way of preparing pet food, environmental contaminations are avoided, better digestion of the pellets and they are also more palatable for our furry ones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Pressed Dog Food

As is often the case on the subject of pet food, there is a great diversity of opinion on the different methods of dry food production.

Advocates of cold pressing use additional nutrients as an argument in their favor, because in particular the secondary plant substances of herbs and berries can be absorbed to a greater extent by the dog’s body due to the gentler processing. This means that you benefit more from the antioxidants they contain, which counteract the aging process and can prevent damage to cells.

Since the ingredients are not pressed so densely, more of the “raw essence” of the ingredients is retained, making this a tasty pet food! Proponents of cold-pressed food claim that the flavor of natural ingredients is best maintained this way.

If your dog consumes and tolerates cold-pressed feed well, you will be providing him with a food that is high in protein, natural as well as balanced, which can improve his health.

Brands of cold-pressed or pelleted feed

Being a relatively new type of pet food in Spain, the truth is that there are not many brands that choose this production system, as both the machinery and its manufacture are much more expensive. But fortunately, little by little, those pet food companies that continue to innovate and improve the quality of their products year after year are making room for themselves.

All of them not only bet on this new production, but also take care of the ingredients so that they are of the highest quality. This would be the case of brands such as Luposan and Markus-Mühle, which certify the origin of the cruelty-free meat, betting on semi-free breeding.

And you, have you already tried giving cold-pressed feed to your dog or cat? Have you noticed the difference? How was the experience? We would love to know how you have experienced the process of change of feed at home and what is your assessment of the change.

What are the endangered birds around the world?

Birds are part of the group of endothermic vertebrates (that is, warm-blooded) and have a great variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Although many find it difficult to believe, they are direct descendants of dinosaurs, and for more than 200 million years they have been undergoing a series of changes. This has made them become one of the most successful groups of animals in terms of colonization, since flight has given them that great advantage.

But many species are very special, either because of the habitat they need, their diet or because of environmental changes, which has led on many occasions to survive under some type of threat, which in the long run could become a danger of extinction. .

If you want to know which are the world’s endangered birds, keep reading this article and you will find out everything.

Birds in danger of extinction in the world

Today, around the earth, there are a large number of bird species that are under some threat of survival. Next we will tell you some of the species that are categorized in serious danger of extinction:

  • Galapagos penguin (Spheniscus mendiculus).
  • Vinous parrot (Amazona vinacea).
  • Tobiano Macá or Tobiano Grebe (Podiceps gallardoi).
  • Monera or Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi).
  • Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus).
  • Helm or helmet calao (Rhinoplax vigil).

Why are there birds in danger of extinction?

The unstoppable human activity has caused in recent decades the decline of many populations of bird species. Environmental destruction and deforestation have caused both the birds that live in the treetops to make their nests, as well as those that do so on the ground, are on the verge of complete extinction.

In addition, another interesting fact to take into account is that the lands where windmills are built, for example, cause the death of thousands of birds year after year, since many of these mill farms are located in places where routes of migratory birds. Similarly, electricity grids, hunting, illegal pet trade, road construction and pollution are other of the many causes that have caused the reduction of bird populations, as well as many of them are about to disappear.

All this produces profound environmental changes, at a physical and ecological level, which profoundly affect many species of birds, especially those with very specific biological requirements. In addition, many species are forced to abandon their vital areas, forcing them to move to more urban areas where they are more vulnerable by human presence. Another very important factor in recent decades has been climate change, which has been causing environmental modifications and which also produces changes in the ecology and biology of many birds by modifying their migration, reproduction and nesting patterns.

9 reasons to adopt a dog

We continue in summer and the number of dogs abandoned by owners who do not know what to do with their pets on vacation increases considerably, unfortunately, every year. Spain, without going any further, is one of the countries that head the European lists on pet abandonment year after year.

Many of these dogs will hopefully be found and taken to shelters, shelters and kennels, and others will unfortunately have a much more tragic end. Some of these dogs have also been abused and exploited. Everyone deserves a decent life and to be in a home where they are valued, cared for, and loved. Therefore, from our blog we want to give you some reasons to encourage you to adopt dogs instead of buying them.

Why adopt a dog?

Having a dog is important. Before taking such a step you will have to consider a number of questions. We know you have plenty of love to give, but do you have the time? Do you have the space? You are patient? And resources? If you have answered yes to all the previous questions, keep reading because we are going to give you a few more reasons that you should take into account when making a decision like this.

Your life will get better

Many of the dogs that come to the animal shelters have suffered some kind of mistreatment or come from spending days on the street abandoned, with all that this implies (hunger, fear, cold or heat), due to owners without sense of the responsibility they believe that abandoning an animal is a legitimate option.

You’re gonna give it a home

These dogs have mostly had the misfortune of being abandoned by their family. They deserve a second chance in a home where they are loved and cared for as they deserve. Other dogs that come to the kennels or shelters have not even lived in a home with a family, and unfortunately the only thing they know about the man is abuse.

You will save his life

Many people do not take sterilization measures and by the time their female dogs have puppies they decide that they cannot take care of them. Many of them end up abandoned, wandering the streets and highways where they face traffic accidents.

If you adopt instead of buy, you do not contribute to the abuse

When you buy a puppy without any type of control, you may be contributing to the exploitation without knowing it, since there are dogs that are forced and poorly cared for to obtain purebred puppies and then monetize the same offspring.

Mixed-breed dogs are still dogs

That it is not of breed, or everything “stylized” that one wants a dog to be, does not mean that it will not give you love or it will not be the most faithful to you or your best friend. Many dogs are neglected because of their appearance, which is completely superficial and cruel on the part of humans.

Adult dogs also offer experiences to owners

There is a false belief that getting a puppy dog ​​is better to educate him. But the truth is that it is not true, you can continue teaching your dog things no matter how old he is. In addition, there are contexts and occasions in which an adult dog will always be the best option, since in general they are already educated in many useful behaviors on a day-to-day basis: for example, it can be the perfect companion for an older person, it is they will keep company and the dog as an adult will enjoy greater serenity.

Disability is also a reason to adopt

Due to serious mistreatment, many dogs are in the shelters maintaining some type of injury or physical sequela (apart from the emotional one). They are the ones who precisely need the most love and you can be their best friend and their maximum support. Dogs with disabilities or emotional sequelae also deserve love and a family in which to feel cared for, like everyone else.

If you can’t adopt, become a volunteer

Some of you will not be able to have a dog, for whatever reasons, and it is understandable and mature to recognize it. But if you want to contribute your grain of sand, you can help them by volunteering at a shelter, kennel or shelter of your choice. There are many dogs that do not get out of these places because nobody adopts them, but you can go take care of them, play with them and give them all your love.
You will grow as a person
There are many dogs with emotional and physical consequences in shelters, by adopting them you can change their life and make them believe in people again, filling them with love, respect and care. Adopting a dog will teach you what it is like to have a faithful friend who will always be by your side.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, becoming a volunteer in a shelter or offering to host them, do not hesitate to contact them as they need your help.

Dog beaches in Spain: is it possible to take them with you in summer?

If you have reached this article it is probably because you have a dog and you love to see him enjoy running on the beach. When the holidays arrive we do not know where we can go without being prohibited from going by going with our pets. In Spain it is possible to take them with you, but it is better to go to the right beach since they can fine you for being there with your dog. So that you have no doubts about which ones to take to enjoy a summer beach day together, we bring you a list of some of the most appropriate in all of Spain.

The best beaches for dogs in Spain

These are some of the Spanish beaches that you can go without problem with your dog:

Playa La Rubina  (Empuriabrava, Girona)

This has been the first beach for dogs (officially) in Spain. It was inaugurated in 2012, and was largely enabled to provide service to all European tourists traveling to the area with their pets. It is currently one of the best beaches for dogs on the peninsula, as well as an example of coexistence between bathers and dogs.

If you live near the area and have not yet taken your pet there, it is worth the trip. La Rubina Beach is located within the Aiguamolls Natural Park.

Llevant beach in Barcelona

During 2016, the Barcelona City Council itself carried out a pioneering initiative in Spain, enabling a section of a beach only for bathers to go with a dog in summer. It was an initiative with such good reception that year after year, since then, it has been repeated. At the entrance to the enabled section, there is a person scanning the chips of each of the dogs: one of the rules is that no dog without a chip can pass. Normally its use is available from mid-June until the end of the bathing season.

La Balsa de La Arena (Deltebre, Tarragona)

This incredible beach occupies a large area, has very fine sand and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. If you are looking for tranquility, this is the ideal beach for you and your dog throughout the year. If you are from the area, you should know that the Bassa de l’Arena Dog Beach is located after the Riumar Beach, surrounded by practically virgin and natural environments.

Playa Agua Amarga (Alicante)

This “doggy beach” was inaugurated in 2016, and since then many people have come to meet and enjoy it with their dogs. It is located between Alicante and Urbanova, in front of the desalination plant. It has good access by car and a large parking area. Also, it has a beach bar where you can find refreshing drinks for yourself and water for your pet.

Playa de l’Ahuir (Gandía, Valencia)

You will only find this dog beach open during the summer, just like the one in the city of Barcelona. It is a very well equipped beach, with showers, toilets, even with rescue and surveillance personnel who take care of the environment so that all the rules of use are met. Without a doubt, this has become one of the best dog beaches in all of Spain.

Canine Beach of Torre del Mar (Torre del Mar, Málaga)

This is a beautiful fine sand beach opened in 2016, when the City Council was able to modify its ordinances to allow dogs to go along a section of its coast. In addition, it has an exclusive area for play and entertainment with dogs.

Bayas Beach (Castrillón, Asturias).

In Asturias we find the Bayas Beach, opened as a dog area in 2016. According to many, it is the best dog beach in Asturias, which also allows access throughout the year. It is surrounded by perfect green areas to disconnect from the noise of the city and enjoy nature.

The part enabled to go with dogs in Playa de Bayas is the westernmost area, next to Los Quebrantos beach in Soto del Barco

Arenal del Jortin, in Soto de la Marina (Bezana, Cantabria)

Arenal del Jortin is a small cove located on the right side of the San Juan de la Canal beach, in Soto de la Marina. It is a perfect place to enjoy a family beach day with your dog; it is for many the best dog beach in all of Cantabria.

Llenaire beach (Port de Pollença, Mallorca)

This is one of the best dog beaches on the island of Mallorca, and one of the most popular for families with dogs. The environment that surrounds it is beautiful.

Despite being a rock and stone beach, Playa de Llenaire has a beautiful setting and a large pine area where you can also enjoy a nap in the shade.

La Guacimeta, in Playa Honda (San Bartolomé, Lanzarote)

In the Canary Islands they also have incredible beaches to go with your dogs. In this case, the Playa de la Guacimeta is located on the island of Lanzarote, and due to its mild climate, it is perfect to enjoy it at any time of year accompanied by your pet.

Dangers with dogs on the beach

Most dogs spend amazing days on the beach. They enjoy games in the sand, socialize and refresh thanks to the sea water. Still, it’s important to note that going to the beach with your pet also carries some risks that you should watch out for. First of all, you must take care that your pet does not ingest too much sea water, as it can lead to severe poisoning. What’s more, there are cases where the animal has died after one of these poisonings due to excess salt water.

Another danger you should avoid is long exposure to the sun for your pet, as they can lead to the animal suffering from heat stroke. Therefore, if you are going to spend a day at the beach with your dog, do not forget to always carry a lot of water so that he can drink from it when he is thirsty, also try to have a shade time, so that he does not spend too much time in the water if you see that he is swallowing water, and if after leaving the beach you notice that he has diarrhea or vomiting, if he is too tired or acts differently than usual, do not hesitate and take him to the nearest vet.

How Coronavirus Affects Pets

Despite the fact that many specialists link the origin of the coronavirus to a hybridization of the viruses of bats and snakes, the truth is that it is not yet clear what started this pandemic that is plaguing the world, nor is there any link that determines that animals are sources of contagion or that affects them in any way.

Some organizations realize that this virus is only transmitted between humans and that animals are not contagious or carriers of it. Thus, there would be no reason to think that our pets can be a source of infection or that they are in danger like people.

From the World Health Organization – WHO, they say that, given the information that is currently available, there is not enough evidence that viruses can affect pets, which could give some comfort to the owners of pets.

According to the College of Veterinarians of Barcelona, ​​dogs and cats are susceptible to diseases caused by other viruses of the same family, but not specifically by Covid-19, the name by which this type of coronavirus is known and to the cause of the current problems.

With these data, it is possible to infer that domestic animals are not at the same risk as exposed people. However, it is necessary to take into account certain tips in order to prevent any complication that may lead to health problems for our pets.

Tips to avoid contact of the virus with pets

Like people, it is convenient to avoid contact of the animal with those people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus. This, because there are other types of coronaviruses that can cause disease in animals, so limiting contact is the best form of prevention.

If we have a patient who has tested positive for coronavirus at home and interaction with the animal is unavoidable, it is necessary that the affected person wear masks at all times, including when he is near the animal. In these cases, it is not necessary to put masks on the animal.

All other measures to prevent the spread of the virus are applied in the same way for the care of the pet. Thus, it is necessary to interact as little as possible with the animal and disinfect the objects that are used to feed it, as well as the leash and the area in which it sleeps.

It is convenient to clean the legs of the animal when entering the home each time it is removed to relieve itself, and, if possible, disinfect the pads with alcohol.

There is no need to carry out any diagnostic tests on the pet, nor to carry out any special care for the animal. Anyway, it is advisable to maintain fluid communication with the vet, to clear any doubts that may arise.

Ideal applications for pet owners

There are for almost everything we can imagine, and pets could not remain outside their reach, we refer to the apps, technological tools essential for our daily lives and that can also help to care for our pets.

Today, there are many applications on the market that are ideal for, for example, learning about pet care, training, managing your diet or following up on your veterinary controls; For that reason, we are going to present some of the best ones, so you can download them to your Smartphone and tell us about your experience.

Dogo – Your dog’s favorite application

It is one of the most downloaded for its versatility and excellent use. With Dogo, you have the possibility of training your dog in obedience, teaching tricks and keeping track of suggested daily workouts, with more than 100 routines designed in the app.

The application works thanks to a marker that, through an audible signal, indicates the specific moments in which the dog should be rewarded, as well as the moment for the execution of any of the commands of the exercise routine.

It has a clicker, a sound signal that emulates a dog whistle and is considered one of the most effective forms for training. This application tracks progress and also offers the possibility of feedback with experts.

Dog Health

It is the perfect app so you don’t miss any information from the veterinarian. Dog Health is geared to allow you to track the health of the pet, grouping medical history, visits, vaccination, medicines and growth data.

With this application it is possible to have the data of several dogs simultaneously, keeping each one of the primary personal information that goes from the name and date of birth, to each date and reason for visiting the veterinarian.

Pet’s diary – Animal and pet care journal

This application is ideal for those who want to keep track of every moment of their pet. Pet’s diary is a space to store data on important days, keep track of new behaviors, advances in training, dates of illness or travel.

It allows you to organize the information registered according to different categories that the same user creates, grouped to your liking. The app stores information chronologically and allows you to have a timeline of what happened in the life of the pet.

Train your dog

It is one of the most complete applications for canine training; It has a reserve of more than 500 videos where they teach training routines, tricks to train the dog, curious facts and more.

This free application is considered an entire canine care library at all levels, with one of the largest reserves of videos available in an app; It also includes tutorials with delicious canine food recipes.

Potentially dangerous dogs, regulation and regulations.

Although specialists believe that the danger of a dog is not linked to its breed but to its aggressive behavior, there is a royal decree in our country that lists as potentially dangerous dogs – PPP a series of dogs of certain breeds and that They comply with a series of physical and behavioral characteristics.

What are the breeds of dogs considered potentially dangerous in Spain and what is the regulation that owners must follow for their possession? To answer these and other questions, we have prepared this article for you.

Potentially dangerous dogs in Spain

According to the Law on the Possession of Potentially Dangerous Animals, in Spain there are eight breeds of dogs considered as potentially dangerous: Pitbull terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Argentine Bulldog, Brazilian Row, Tosa Inu and Akita Inu.

However, the crosses of these races, those that show aggression towards people and those that meet the following physical characteristics are also considered PPP:

  • Strong muscles
  • Robust powerful appearance.
  • Athletic setup.
  • Agility, vigor and endurance.
  • Marked character and great value.
  • Short hair.
  • Thoracic perimeter between 60cm and 80cm.
  • Height at the cross between 50cm and 70cm.
  • Weight greater than 20kg.
  • Bulky, cuboid and robust head, with wide and large skull and muscular and bulging cheeks.
  • Big and strong jaws.
  • Robust mouth wide and deep.
  • Wide neck, short and muscled.
  • Solid, wide, large and deep chest; arched ribs and loin muscled and short.
  • Parallel, straight and robust anterior extremities; Very muscular hind limbs, with relatively long legs, forming a moderate angle.

Also, those who have carried out attacks on people or animals are considered PPP. Thus, all those animals, regardless of whether they are within the indicated breeds, become potentially dangerous if they have carried out an attack on a person or other animal and there is a complaint involved.

The possession of this species of animals is specifically regulated through this state law of potentially dangerous animals, which states that it is necessary to have an administrative license granted by the municipalities where the owner resides and, to request it , must meet a series of requirements.

Requirements to be met by potentially dangerous dog owners

Those who wish to adopt a dog classified as potentially dangerous should go to the town hall to obtain a license for the possession of potentially dangerous animals. Also, they will need a civil liability insurance that covers damages to third parties for a value not less than 120 thousand euros.

Any person of legal age and without a criminal record may have a license, which will be valid for five years; In addition, the dog must wear a muzzle on the public road and a leash not exceeding 2 meters. Also, the owner should never walk two PP dogs at the same time.

In summary, owners of potentially dangerous dogs should:

  • Register the animal in the Municipal Registry of Potentially Dangerous Animals.
  • Process the license for potentially dangerous dogs and renew it every five years. This license must be requested during the first three months of possession of the animal or from the year of birth.
  • Contract civil liability insurance for damages to third parties, with a minimum coverage of 120,000 euros and covering possible bodily injury and / or material damage that the dog could cause.
  • Manage a certificate of physical capacity in medical examination centers, as well as a certificate of psychological aptitude that proves that there is no disease or deficiency of a psychological or psychological nature.

According to the law, each time the owner takes his dog for a walk, he must carry the respective license, which is his own and not transferable. The caregiver must also inform the relevant authorities of the death, loss or theft of the animal, within a period not exceeding 48 hours after the event occurred.

Potentially dangerous dogs: A racial issue?

In our country, the way to define dogs as potentially dangerous is based on the breed or crossing of specific breeds. This generality makes people perceive a large and robust dog as dangerous, when it is not necessarily so.

Experts say that it is not possible to identify the aggressiveness of a dog by its breed or morphology, but rather by the aggressiveness it manifests, being aggressiveness a much more complex and multifactorial problem.

Aggressive behaviors manifested by dogs occur as a result of fears and anxieties. Thus, dogs tend to react violently when they feel threatened, acting aggressively in response to punishment or to defend what they consider their territory.

Genetic characteristics and the environment in which they are raised, are fundamental conditions that determine the aggressiveness of an animal, hence the main criticism of the regulations, since it considers as PPP those dogs that belong to certain specific breeds or that have aspects morphological determined.

That way, it would be enough for a dog to be genetically balanced, to be raised in a healthy environment and to be well trained by its owner, so that it is not dangerous. The bond you generate with your caregiver is essential for the animal to have a good character in the future.

That is why veterinarians insist on the period of socialization that dogs should go through when they are puppies, which will allow the animal to have positive experiences with people of all ages, with other animals and with the environment in general.

This period of socialization must take place before the dog’s twelve weeks of life; Thus, the puppy will manage to consider the interaction with its environment as normal. The absence of such positive experiences at an early age generates distrust, fear and aggressiveness in the animal.

In addition to the eight breeds of dogs considered to be potentially dangerous by law, the physical characteristics included in the law mean that other breeds such as burgundy bulldog, boxer or Neapolitan mastiff, among others, are also considered dangerous.

Possession of potentially dangerous dogs

A potentially dangerous dog is considered to be the one that due to its racial typology, because of its aggressive nature, size or jaw power, has the capacity to cause death or injury to people or other animals and cause damage to public or private property.


Regulations for traveling with pets

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