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5 games you can play with your dog indoors

Are you looking for games to play with your dog indoors? We bring you 5 options with which you can improve your bond and strengthen your physical form and mental agility. Take note!

Russian hamster, meet this friendly rodent

Thinking of taking care of one of these little ones? Russian hamsters are one of the most affectionate and sociable rodents out there. Discover all its curiosities and characteristics in this article!

How to avoid poisoning by cleaning products in your pet

Faced with the great health crisis that we are facing, hygiene and cleaning measures in the home have increased. We all use more products to disinfect floors and surfaces. Do you watch that your dog does not have contact with these products? In this article we will talk about how to avoid poisoning in pets caused by household cleaning products.

The richest foods in omega 3 for dogs

Do you take care of your dog’s diet as you should? Omega 3 can be very beneficial to your health. Learn in this article the foods that are richest in omega 3 that you can include in your diet.

Feline bartonellosis: cat scratch disease

Feline bartonellosis or scratch disease is caused by a bacteria that is transmitted by the bite of some ticks. Do you know its symptoms? Do you want to know if it can be transmitted to humans? We tell you everything in this article.

The Japanese hen, we present this curious animal

The Japanese chicken, a small bird with silky plumage. Have you heard of it? Don’t miss all its quirks in this new article.

Dog beaches in Spain: is it possible to take them with you in summer?

Can you go with a dog on the beaches of Spain? Yes! Find in this list the dog beach closest to you to enjoy an incredible day with your pet.

Types of bird feet

The legs of the birds are adapted to the type of life of the bird. Thus, types of legs is what makes them hunt, climb, swim, etc. In this article you will be able to know the types of legs according to the class of bird.

Canine lymphoma: what you need to know

Lymphoma is also a problem that affects dogs. In this post we talk about this canine disease, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and possible treatments.

Endoscopy in dogs

Does your dog have an endoscopy soon and you don’t know exactly what the test will consist of? In this article we tell you everything so that you know what your pet will face and the most common diseases that can be detected.

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