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Common health problems in Great Dane

Although it is usually a healthy breed, the Great Dane can get to suffer some diseases that must be identified; therefore, in the next article we will address the most common health problems. # GreatDanes #Dogs

Ferrets: basic care to have them at home

Ferrets have known how to adapt to coexistence and the rules of a home, perhaps because of this it is increasingly common to find them in Spanish homes as pets. If you want to know more about these nice animals, do not miss this article! #Ferrets #Pets #ExoticAnimals

¿How often do you take the pet to the vet?

It is necessary that people take their pets to the veterinarian to undergo a general review with certain periodicity; however, the question often arises of how often it is necessary to carry them. In the following article we explain it to you! #Veterinary #Pets # Review

Symptoms of urinary incontinence in dogs

There are some common symptoms that can help us show that the dog is suffering from urinary incontinence. In the following article we reveal them to you, do not miss it! #Incontinence #Urinary #Dogs

Recommendations to treat severe cases of feline acne

The hair follicles infected by bacteria cause feline acne, this is a consequence of poor hygiene or alterations in the keratinization process of the cat’s skin. In the following article we explain more about this pathology, do not miss it! # Acne #Feline #Cats

¿How is the pregnancy diagnosis made in domestic species?

Like all living beings, pets have a reproductive cycle; In the following article we will know how the pregnancy diagnosis is made in domestic species. # Pregnancy #Pets

Causes of canine obesity

Because they ingest more calories than they can burn, the main cause of obesity in dogs is usually the energy imbalance, since they accumulate a greater amount of fat. In the following article we explain everything about this pathology! #Obesity #Canine

Surgical treatment in cryptorchid dogs

Cryptorchidism is the most common congenital disorder of the testicles of dogs. It is a congenital sexual anomaly that is manifested by the incomplete descent of the testicles into the scrotal sac. In the following article we try in depth everything about this pathology, do not miss it! #Dogs # Cryptorchid

Main diseases of pets in summer

Summer, the warmest season of the year, is a time to relax and enjoy our pets. However, this time of year could bring complications to our pets. Learn about the most common diseases of pets in summer and find out what to do to present some of these problems. # Diseases #Pets #Summer

¿What care should be taken to raise a hamster?

In the following article we will share the necessary care to raise a hamster, those small rodents that can become a great company. Do not miss it! #Hamster #Care

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