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Inflammatory myopathies in dogs

Infectious inflammatory myopathies or myositis in dogs are a group of diseases that generate inflammation of the different muscular tissues of the animal. In the following article we explain more about them! # Myopathies #Inflammatory #Miositis #Dogs

In which cases laparoscopic surgery is used in animals

Laparoscopic surgery is managing to displace conventional treatment thanks to the greater well-being that produces the pet and a faster postoperative recovery. Let’s see in what cases this surgery is used! #Laparoscopy #Animals # Surgery #Veterinary

Epilepsy treatment in dogs and cats

Epilepsy represents one of the most frequent neurological problems in dogs and cats. In the following article we reveal what it is and how to treat it, do not miss it! #Epilepsy #Dogs #Cats

What is the brachiocephalic syndrome

The brachiocephalic syndrome obstructs the respiratory tract and requires special treatment because it can generate serious complications. Let’s see, next, what it is about and how we can identify it in our pet. # Syndrome # Brachiocephalic #Pets

How is the breeding of Australian parakeets

Australian parakeets are one of the birds preferred by people to have as pets. Today we dedicate a few lines to these birds, in order to learn a little more about their breeding and care. #Parakeets #Australian #Parrots #Birds

Malassezia dermatitis in dogs

All animals are susceptible to developing Malassezia dermatitis but there is a genetic factor that predisposes a certain breed of dogs to suffer from this fungal problem. In the following article we explain everything about this disease! #Dermatitis #Malassezia #Dogs

How to properly care for a land turtle

If you have a turtle land as a pet you can not miss the next article in which we review the characteristics of this reptile and we give you some advice for your care. #Turtles #Land #Reptiles

Rabbits paralytic ileus

Paralytic ileus or gastrointestinal stasis is a common digestive disease in rabbits and manifests with paralysis of bowel movements. In the following article we tell you more about it! #Runks #Ileoparalitic #StasisGastrointestinal

Cats eye diseases

The eye health of felines is affected when developing certain pathologies, then we will know which are the most common eye diseases in cats. #OcularDiseases # Cats

Pets heart problems

The cardiovascular system in pets can malfunction, so the early detection of any heart condition that can lead to heart disease is essential. In the following article we explain everything about this disease, do not miss it! #HeartProblems #Pets

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