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Rabbits paralytic ileus

Paralytic ileus or gastrointestinal stasis is a common digestive disease in rabbits and manifests with paralysis of bowel movements. In the following article we tell you more about it! #Runks #Ileoparalitic #StasisGastrointestinal

Cats eye diseases

The eye health of felines is affected when developing certain pathologies, then we will know which are the most common eye diseases in cats. #OcularDiseases # Cats

Pets heart problems

The cardiovascular system in pets can malfunction, so the early detection of any heart condition that can lead to heart disease is essential. In the following article we explain everything about this disease, do not miss it! #HeartProblems #Pets

Cognitive dysfunction in pets

The syndrome of cognitive dysfunction is a progressive disease, similar to Alzheimer’s in people, which must be known to take the necessary measures to improve the condition of the pet. In the following article we offer you all the information! #CognitiveDysfunction #Pets

How to detect feline leukemia

If you want to know which are the transmission routes of feline leukemia and what preventive measures should be adopted, pay attention to the following article. #Leukemia #Felines #Cats

Everything you need to know about lovebirds

Agapornis are a type of very sociable bird that is present in many homes in our country. If you want to know in detail the care you must have in their upbringing, here we tell you everything you have to know about them! #Agapornis #Parrots #ExoticAnimals

What is and how is parvovirus spread?

Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that affects dogs and requires urgent veterinary attention in order to avoid the death of the animal. In the following article we explain more about this terrible disease. #Parvovirus #Dogs

All you need to know about canine distemper

Distemper is a disease that affects our pets and this time we will know what it is and how we should act when it occurs. #Distemper #Dogs #Canine

How to control the stress of pets

Controlling the stress of pets is important to improve their quality of life and health. In the following article we give you some guidelines to carry it out. Do not miss it! #Animal Behavior # Stress #Pets

Recommendations for the proper feeding of your dog

Good nutrition is a determining factor to keep your dog healthy and disease-free. In the following article we offer you a series of recommendations that will surely be of great help to you. Do not miss it! #Dogs # DogsFeeding

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