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¿How to act to increase the body temperature of our pet?

The alteration of the animal’s body temperature can generate changes in mood and important health problems that should be avoided. In the next post we tell you how you should act before the increase in the body temperature of your pet. # pet #temperature # increase

Characteristics and peculiarities of the exotic cat

Exotic shorthair cats are a peculiar breed of felines that are characterized by being very calm and friendly, being the perfect animals to adopt as pets. In the following article we tell you all about them, do not miss it! #cats #exoticcat #shorthair

¿What is canine atopy?

Canine atopy is a chronic disease that is associated with allergies. The most prominent symptom is intense itching, which forces the dog to scratch compulsively. In the following article we explain this pathology in detail, do not miss it! #atopy #canine #dogs

Symptoms and treatment of diabetes in cats

Feline diabetes is a pathology present in thousands of cats in our country, especially among landlords, so it is necessary to maintain special care and control of the disease to safeguard the animal’s health. In the following article we explain how to do it! #diabetes #cats #feline

Tips for cleaning teeth in dogs

Dental care is essential to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, tartar, bad breath and infections of your dog’s gums. That is why, in the following post, we give you some tips that will help you properly perform your dog’s dental cleaning. #dental cleaning #dogs #cleaning

¿What types of lizards can you have as a pet?

We must take into account a few considerations when adopting a lizard as a pet, that is why we believe it is convenient to give you some guidelines about what types of lizards can be had as a pet, so that your decision is the most accurate. #lizards # pets

Mites in birds: What they are and how to eliminate them

Mites, small and flattened, can be very annoying in birds as they have piercing mouth parts that irritate their host birds. Therefore, if you have a bird as a pet, we tell you what are the characteristics of these mites and how to eliminate them. # mites #birds #pets

Symptoms and treatment of arthritis in pets

As time passes, the dogs get older and begin to suffer ailments and ailments of their age. One of these ailments is arthritis. To know how to control its progress and reduce its effects, improving the quality of life of your dog, we have prepared this article. #arthritis #dogs # pets # hvglòries

What to do when fleas invade our pets

Over the years, fleas have always been stalking domestic animals, generating a lot of discomfort. In this article, we will indicate how to act when fleas invade your pet and most importantly, how to prevent them. #fleas #pets #bite

Canine leishmaniosis: causes, prevention and treatment

Canine leishmaniosis is one of the most common and dangerous pathologies in dogs. Prevention is the key and go to the veterinarian before any symptom that may present the dog is the most advisable. In this article we tell you more about this disease. #leishmaniosis #dogs #canines

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