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What reptiles are herbivores?

Are you a reptile lover and would you like to take care of one in your home? With the necessary means, it is possible to have reptiles at home: herbivores are ideal. Find out what they are!

Neurological problems in older dogs

From the age of 8 it is important to be attentive to the behavior of our dogs, since they are already considered older and neurological problems can arise. We talk about this and what you can do as an owner in this last article.

Exercises for dogs with dysplasia: how to help them

Does your dog suffer from hip dysplasia? Learn about the best exercises to help you improve your health.

Can a dog have autism?

Do you think your dog may have autism? Is it possible for dogs to develop it? We will tell you everything in this article.

Miscarriage in female dogs: signs and symptoms

Why do miscarriages happen in female dogs? What are the symptoms? Is it possible to prevent them? Find out in our latest blog article.

How much water should a cat drink?

Do you control the amount of water your cat drinks per day? Lack of hydration or excess of it can be due to serious health problems. Find out how much a cat normally needs to hydrate to stay healthy.

Why is it important to internally deworm your dog?

Do you know that your dog must be dewormed externally as well as internally? In this article we will tell you everything.

9 reasons to adopt a dog

Have you ever considered having a dog? Don’t worry because we help you with it! These are the reasons why you should adopt instead of buying dogs.

Dog breeds with the best sense of smell

Did you know that some dog breeds have more than 220 million olfactory receptors? This makes you true professionals to detect all kinds of smells and substances. Find out in our last article which breed has the best sense of smell!

The goldfinch, an ideal songbird for home

Would you like to have a goldfinch? In this article we tell you all the details about them so that you know them and can take care of them at home.

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