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What is brucellosis in dogs? Symptoms, treatment and prevention

Do you know canine brucellosis? It is a bacterial disease that may be affecting your dog. Discover in this post its symptoms, the treatment and the best way to prevent it.

Chow Chow: the dog with the blue tongue

What is the blue color of the tongue in the Chow Chow dog breed? This and some more curiosities are what we tell you in our last blog article.

The Andalusian horse: a thoroughbred from Spain

Discover the peculiarities and characteristics of the Andalusian horse or Spanish thoroughbred.

How to know if your cat’s tail is broken and what to do?

Do you think your cat’s tail is broken? Go to the vet immediately! In this post we talk about the symptoms that may indicate a tear, as well as how to assist it before going to the vet.

5 signs that a rabbit is sick

Prevention is the best medicine. Discover 5 signs that may be indicating that a rabbit is sick.

American Akita: is it a dangerous breed?

The American Akita is included in the list of dangerous breeds. Does this mean that it is? Find out in our latest article.

Most common diseases of lovebirds

Who else is a fan of this peculiar bird? Lovebirds have stolen our hearts … but like all birds, instinctively they know how to hide their ailments very well. Discover the most common diseases of lovebirds and the associated symptoms.

Entropion in dogs: causes and treatment

Learn all about entropion in dogs, a condition related to the animal’s eyelids.

How to identify male and female parrots?

Discover how to distinguish a male parrot from another female thanks to the information we give you in this article.

Pug: a big dog in a small body

In our last post we told you about this adorable breed of dog: the pug dog. Do you want to know everything about him? Click here!

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