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The slow loris: a primate with bulging eyes

Discover the peculiarities of this small mammal with bulging eyes: the slow loris or lazy loris, an animal in danger of extinction.

All about liver failure in cats

Detecting liver failure early in your cat can save its life. Discover in our last article all the information about this disease.

Possible complications after neutering your dog

Spaying a dog has many benefits, and most of us agree on […]

Discover the spectacular breed of American Curl cat

The American Curl cat stands out for having unique ears. They are […]

5 Animals that like solitude

Like people, some animals prefer to be in groups, herds, or pairs […]

Miniature Pinscher: a breed with big personality

One of the funniest and smallest dogs, but with great character! The miniature pinscher does not go unnoticed … and if you have one, you will agree. Discover this striking breed of dog in our last article.

Meet the lovely Lionhead Rabbit

Do you know the little lion head rabbit? In this article we tell you all about this furry and adorable rabbit.

Hypothermia in dogs. What to do?

How to deal with hypothermia in dogs? How to recognize the symptoms? We tell you everything in our last article.

The pink dolphin, a freshwater mammal

The pink dolphin is one of the most mysterious freshwater mammals. Find out more about him!

Spanish dog breeds

What breeds of dogs are Spanish? We have prepared a list with some of the most recognized. Discover them!

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