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How long does it take for a dog to give birth?

Do you have a pregnant dog at home? How long does a dog’s pregnancy last? This article will help you to find out more about this special event.

All about the calico cat

Find out about the peculiarities and characteristics of the Calico cat, a very special feline.

Do dogs have nightmares? We tell you about it

Do you think your dog suffers from nightmares – is that even possible? We unravel the mystery of dog dreams and nightmares in this article.

Vaccinations: the importance of having our animals immunised

Are you really aware of the importance of keeping your dog or cat vaccinated? Here are the reasons why you should vaccinate your dog or cat annually.

What is an exotic animal? Can you have it at home?

What animals are considered exotic? Which ones could you take care of from home? Is it legal to have exotic animals? We give you all the answers.

The dog breeds that enjoy the best health

Looking for dog breeds that don’t tend to get too many diseases? There are dogs that are genetically less predisposed. Meet them!

Tips to get your dog into the vet in a better mood

Help your dog go into the vet’s surgery in a calmer and more relaxed mood with these tips.

Bichon Bolognese: all about the breed

Discover all the peculiarities of the “Bolognese Bichon” breed: physical characteristics, character, care, health…

What foods can reptiles eat?

Are you a pet reptile lover? Find out what some of the most common household reptiles can (and can’t) eat.

How often should animals be vaccinated against rabies?

Not sure how often you should vaccinate your pet against rabies? Take a look at our latest article to clear up any doubts and keep your furry friend’s vaccinations up to date.

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