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What is hyperthyroidism and how to treat it in cats?

Do you think your cat suffers from hyperthyroidism? This article can answer many questions. Find out what it is, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments, forms of protection and risk factors.

10 fun and unbelievable facts about horses

Did you know that horses sleep standing up? Learn 10 amazing facts about horses that you probably never heard before.

The great Alabai or “Central Asian Shepherd Dog”

Learn about the characteristics and peculiarities of the Alabai dog, also known as the “Central Asian shepherd”. Discover it!

All about dogs’ sense of smell

Discover the most important details and curiosities about how your dog’s sense of smell works, as well as ways to enhance it.

8 friendliest bird species

Looking for bird species that are friendly to the domestic environment? We tell you about 8 of the best ones.

Can dogs suffer from anaemia?

Is your dog looking more listless, listless and struggling to breathe? Find out if he may be suffering from anaemia and how to treat it.

4 dog breeds with blue tongue

Did you know that there are dogs with blue tongues? Some breeds have this peculiarity, find out about 4 of them by clicking here!

Is basil toxic to cats?

Is basil harmful to cats? We talk about whether this basil myth is true and what happens if our cat ingests it.

Everything you should avoid doing when you go to a doggy toilet with your dog

Here are all the things you shouldn’t do when you go with your dog to your neighbourhood dog park. Take note!

Most common health problems of Dachshund dogs

Teckels are adorable dogs! Do you have one at home and are you thinking of adopting this breed? Learn about their most common health problems.

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