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What is and how canine leptospirosis is treated

In this article we will explain everything about canine #leptospirosis: what are the clinical signs, how to identify it correctly and what is the #treatment to follow, it is essential not only to know how to act but also to try to prevent it by The good of the community.

Ideal applications for pet owners

There are many #applications on the market that are ideal for, for example, learning about caring for #pets, training them, managing their diet or following up on their veterinary controls; For this reason, in this article we will present some of the best ones, so you can download them to your Smartphone.

Giant Schnauzer: everything you need to know about this breed

One of the most elegant dogs that exist, ideal for surveillance and grazing, the giant #Schnauzer are the perfect companions for #families with teenagers, dynamic adults and not very small children. In this article we explain all the #care and attention they require.

Tartar in dogs: why does it appear and how to avoid it?

Normally accompanied by stains on the teeth, the #dog in the #dogs is one of the usual reasons for #veterinary consultation, although many caregivers do not give it due importance. In this article we tell you more about this condition!

Guidelines for raising a parrot as a pet

Attractive, easy to care for and ideal as companion animals, #parrot are very popular all over the world for those who wish to have an #exotic #bird as a #pet; however, it is necessary to take into account some important aspects for their upbringing. In this article we explain them to you!

Cats care in adulthood

Although the perspective is that our #cats see their affected health during the process of #aging, the truth is that it does not have to represent the need to face pathologies that reduce their quality of life. In this post we explain how to deal with it! #Adults

Advantages of magnetic resonance imaging in veterinary care

The #veterinary #magnetic #resonance is a powerful diagnostic tool, since it fits all types of animals and offers us a fairly accurate approximation of the #pet health status. Therefore, today we will know the main advantages of this exam.

How does climate change impact pets?

The #animals found in their natural habitat are not the only ones that are affected by the impact of #ClimaticChange; our #pets are also at the mercy of the consequences of global warming and we need to be aware of it. Let’s see how our pets’ lives are altered!

Clinical significance of blood tests in dogs

Many times it can be a bit confusing to understand the relevance or impact of the information that a #blood #canine analytics can offer us; Therefore, today we are going to help you understand what this #laboratory test means, one of the most common ones practiced in #veterinary clinics. Do not miss it!

How to move our pets on long trips

As members of the family, #pets have earned the right to participate in our #holidays #trips, and although we did not have many expectations of being able to take them on the journey, there is now no excuse for not doing so. In this article we explain what you should keep in mind, do not miss it!

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