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Characteristics and care of the Irish setter

In addition to its nobility and energy, the Irish setter has some characteristic features that are very important to know. In the following lines, we tell you some peculiarities of this friendly animal, Do not miss it! #setter #irish #dogs

¿How long can a hamster live?

Tiny, adorable and easy care, the hamster is one of the favorite pets of the smallest and increasingly adopted as a company in Spanish homes. One of the most usual queries we receive refers to the time you can live; In this article we will answer this question. #hamster

What is canine infectious hepatitis

Canine infectious hepatitis is a very serious pathology that primarily attacks puppies and adults and is produced by a virus that affects different organs, especially the liver and kidneys. In this article we tell you more about it, do not miss it! #hepatitis #canine #infections #dogs

What are the ideal dog breeds to care for in a flat

Thanks to their size, small breed dogs are presented as the ideal candidates for breeding in a flat or apartment. However we must take into account some features, do not miss the following article! #dogs #floors # small

Treatment of feline gastroenteritis

Feline gastroenteritis, so common in humans, is also suffered by felines and is very common among the pathologies that are the subject of consultation in veterinarians. In this article we explain what it is about and its treatment. Do not miss it! #felines #cats #gastroenteritis

¿Why does my dog drool a lot?

Some dog breeds usually drool due to the morphology of their jaw; However, when there is an excess of salivation and we identify some other symptoms, we can face some type of pathology. In this article we tell you the possible causes, stay tuned!

Learn to detect the signs of heart problems in dogs and cats

Heart disease in dogs and cats is usually more common than we think; Therefore, it is essential to keep your heart health under control in order to avoid serious problems. In the following article we explain how to do it, pay attention!

Maintenance tips for an aquarium

It is necessary to know a series of essential guidelines to perform maintenance tasks in order to get a healthy aquarium; Pay attention to the following tips that we provide below to achieve the ideal aquatic environment. Stay tuned! #aquariums #maintenance #fish

Guidelines to improve our pets’ joints

The pathologies that occur in the joints of our pets usually generate a severe decrease in the mobility of the animal, intense pain and a notable decrease in their quality of life. In this article, we will know some tips to improve them, do not miss it! #joints #pets

Pets in pregnancy: prevention and care

Pregnant women who have a pet in the home should know that there are certain cares to take into account to reduce any risk in pregnancy. In this article we explain them, do not miss it! #pregnancy #pets

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