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Is bell harmful to your cat?

We talk about the tradition of the bell in cats and the problems that this can cause to the animal’s health.

The dangers of spikes in dogs

En épocas de calor, es importante tener controlados a nuestros perros cuando los sacamos a pasear al campo. Las espigas secas que se pueden encontrar en muchos lugares son todo un peligro para ellos. Descubre todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las espigas y las partes del cuerpo de tu perro que más debes controlar.

Tropical fish for your aquarium

Do you want to set up a tropical fish aquarium and don’t know what kind of fish to put in it? In this article you will know the best fish for your new fish tank!

Everything you need to know about the Persian cat

Did you know that the Persian cat was one of the preferred breeds of English royalty? In this article you will be able to know some curiosities about this type of cats and information about their care.

Differences between neutering or spaying your pet

Are you thinking of castrating or spaying your pet? Don’t you know what differences exist between both interventions? We tell you everything in this article.

Is it true that white dogs are deaf?

Sure you’ve heard it before, but how true is it that all white dogs are deaf? Discover in this post everything about this statement, as well as how to assess your dog’s hearing.

Canine filariasis: symptoms, prognosis and prevention

#Filariasis is a disease caused by a mosquito bite. Read on to discover its symptoms, prognosis, and prevention.

Why do dogs tremble? Possible causes

Do you have a dog that trembles a lot? In this article you will know the possible reasons for tremors in dogs. Read on to discover them!

Everything you need to know about feline pregnancy

Is your cat currently pregnant? Then this article interests you! We tell you all the useful information you may need to better understand this new stage of your feline. Keep reading!

What is otodectes cynotis in cats?

Do you know what otodectes cynotis is? In this article we tell you all about this ailment that affects many domestic cats. Don’t lose detail!

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