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What is a tigon? Characteristics and peculiarities

Don’t you know what a tigon is? We will tell you everything about this feline hybrid!

The Irish Wolfhound: the largest dog in the world?

Is the Irish Wolverine really the biggest dog in the world? Discover all the characteristics of this breed.

What are tortoiseshell cats? Know everything about its peculiar appearance

What is a tortoiseshell cat? The protectors are full of them. For some they are not “pretty”, but the truth is that they are UNIQUE cats. Find out more about them in the following article.

What is a mongoose? Characteristics and types

What exactly are mongooses? We tell you more about these mammals and their peculiarities

Pancreatitis in Dogs

What is canine pancreatitis and how can it affect them? Learn more about this disease and find out how to prevent your dog from eating what he should not eat at family gatherings.

The importance of the rabies vaccine

In this article we will tell you the importance of keeping our pets vaccinated against rabies, as well as its symptoms and dangers.

Problems with your cat’s nails? These are the possible causes

Avoid serious nail problems in your cat by knowing what the most common diseases and their treatment can be.

The Samoyed dog: the ideal breed for active families

The Samoyed is a highly recommended dog for active families with space at home. Do you dare to discover more about it?

The most common health problems in a bulldog

Due to their breed, bulldogs tend to suffer from certain diseases. Do you want to know what they are? Enter to find out.

What is cold pressed pet food? Pros and cons

Discover what is the natural cold-pressed feed and its greatest advantages for your dog.

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