While all domestic birds have the ability to nip and cause fuss, certain species tend to be friendlier and gentler than others. When well tamed and cared for, these birds can be very affectionate with their keepers and lack biting intent. Some are quite active, while others maintain a more relaxed disposition. Here are 8 of the world’s friendliest domestic birds.

Beautiful and soft-spoken, blue-headed parrots have earned a reputation as some of the friendliest pet birds. While they are highly intelligent and thrive in social settings, they tend to be more independent than other species. This generally makes them a little less moody than parrot species that demand more attention. Blue-headed parrots, also known as Pionus, are very active and energetic birds.

  • Pigeon

Pigeons are seen as symbols of peace and love throughout the world, so it should come as no surprise that we place them among the gentlest of bird species. In fact, these calm, sweet-tempered birds make excellent domesticated birds. They tolerate being handled well and do not demand attention from their keepers.

  • Budgie

Budgies are another great choice for those looking for a very gentle feathered friend with a friendly attitude. While they may nip when annoyed, their tiny beaks can hardly cause much damage. And with proper training and handling, budgie bites can become quite rare. These very social birds love spending time with their keepers and delight in playing with toys or even learning to talk.

  • Hyacinth Macaw or Blue Macaw

Although the largest of the macaws, the hyacinth macaw’s sweet personality makes it one of our favourites. These birds have large and somewhat intimidating beaks that are capable of cracking even coconut shells. But properly raised hyacinth macaws do not tend to attack or nibble as often or as easily as many other parrot species.

  • Finch

With finches, it is their keepers who must be careful, as they are quite fragile little birds. In most cases, finches are best not picked up. So, if not being able to hold your birds with your hands is not important to you, you can consider keeping your own small flock of finches. Provide the finches with as much space as possible, so that they can exercise and enjoy their pleasant singing all day long.

  • Eclectic Parrot

The eclectus, or eclectic parrot, is a large parrot species that is known as a very affectionate bird. These birds are better socialised by their caregivers and may even become jealous if they feel they are being ignored. Some people say that a male eclectus is more affable, while a female eclectus can become surly, especially if she is nesting. But females also tend to handle stress better, which may make them less likely to attack.

  • Rose-fronted Parakeet

Native to Australia, roseate budgerigars tend to be gentle, good-natured companion birds, especially when hand-fed as babies. They are generally most active and talkative at dawn and dusk, and remain fairly quiet during the rest of the day. Although they are social birds, they will generally not demand too much of your attention.

  • Cockatoo

Cockatoos have long been popular companion birds because of their affectionate and gentle behaviour. These birds are playful and active, and love to whistle and imitate domestic sounds. Although a cockatoo that has not been properly domesticated may be agile, the species is generally very friendly with people and tolerates being held.

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