Have you ever wondered what the loneliest animals in the world are?

Well, it’s probably the humans. No animal has as much talent for solitude as the human. They can be alone in cities of millions of people, which is really amazing, if you think about it.

But some other animals also have good reason to be lonely. Here are 4 of the loneliest animals on the planet:

The 52 hertz whale

This whale has fascinated scientists for years. We know from its migration patterns that it is either a blue whale or a fin whale, but it sings in a much higher pitch than either. We don’t know why, but this whale has a totally unique song. This leads to her being ignored by all the other whales of her kind, and thus she sings her lonely song in the indifferent abyss. It was first detected in 1989 and has been heard every year since. One theory circulating about it is that this whale is deaf.

Albert: the black-browed albatross

There are more than a million black-browed albatrosses that nest on islands in the Southern Ocean. Albert, however, was first seen in Scotland in 1967, having been blown thousands of miles off course. Since then it has been viewed hundreds of times. He’s not totally alone, as he likes to hang out with other seabirds, but he hasn’t seen another member of his species in over 50 years.

Hanoi giant tortoise

A giant magic turtle is the protagonist in one of the most important legends of Vietnam, where he lived in Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi and offered a magic sword to Lê Lợi, who later led a rebellion against the Chinese and liberated Vietnam, becoming in emperor. The giant tortoise was once thought to be nothing more than a myth, until a dead tortoise, 2 meters long, was discovered in the same lake. Other turtles were seen many times over the years, until the last one died in 2015. However, another one was recently discovered in another lake, Xuan Khanh, outside Hanoi, which means that this species is still alive. in the city. There are only 4 of these amazing turtles left in the world, all in different lakes in Vietnam and China.

Spix’s Macaw

This parrot was once native to the forests of Brazil. Assumed to be extinct in the wild for over a decade, a single Spix’s Macaw was caught on camera in 2016. If it’s still alive, it may be the last of its kind left in the wild.


If you ever feel alone, remember that it could be worse. You could be the only one of your kind in an entire hemisphere, or even the last of your kind in the wild. You could sing a song so strange that it repels all members of your species, or you could be the end of a legendary line of magical turtles.